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14 Cart Abandonment Statistics - Please Submit More

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Shopping cart abandonment rate.

We’ve set out to create the most comprehensive list containing all available statistics on shopping cart abandonment rates.

So far we’re up to 10 14 sources, citing an average e-commerce cart abandonment rate of 65.23%. But we need your help!

If you know of any cart abandonment statistics that are not on the list, then please submit them by sending an email to

The reason we’ve created this list was because we needed these statistics ourselves when writing the introduction chapter to our e-commerce checkout usability report. However, we found that:

  1. It was difficult to get an easy overview of the statistics available
  2. There’s rather large fluctuations in the reported cart abandonment rate (lowest at 55%, highest at 83%)

So the idea is to gather as many sources as possible to calculate a single average rate for shopping cart abandonment to e-commerce owners a more reliable and accurate number.

Go see the interactive list that is sortable by year and abandonment rate:

Image by: jonezes

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