Mobile Usability Audit

What are the 20 most important changes you can make to your mobile e-commerce site?


Mobile e-commerce holds immense potential, displaying a 86% growth rate and hitting $25 billion in 2012 (set to reach $86 billion in 2016), yet when we tested 18 of the largest mobile e-commerce sites we found a staggering 1,000+ usability issues.

Clearly there’s room for improvement in this brave new world of mobile e-commerce sites with few best practices yet established. This is why we offer an mobile e-commerce usability audit based on the 147 design guidelines from our M-Commerce Usability research study.

We will run a full audit of your mobile e-commerce site (or prototype, in case it’s not fully developed yet), and put together a detailed report of the 20 most important usability improvements you can make to your mobile sites.

“This was an excellent piece of work: professional, thorough, and actionable for the team. We're very happy with the work Baymard has done for us so far, and I hope we'll have the chance to work together again on future projects.”

Alex Wright, Director of Research at Etsy

Who is this mobile e-commerce audit intended for?

  • E-commerce sites in need of specific optimization suggestions for their existing mobile site
  • E-commerce sites that would like inspiration before commencing an expensive mobile redesign project
  • Agencies and designers that are working on a mobile e-commerce project and want reassurance that they’re on the right track with their current mobile store design
  • Stores that want to test a mobile e-commerce prototype before spending resources building and implementing the production version

Return on Investment: Even the smallest improvement in the conversion rate for any mobile site with significant sales will lead to a notable return on investment, e.g. an improvement from 3.1% to 3.6% in conversion rate for a site with $1,000,000 annual sales will yield $161,000 extra sales every single year.

How will the audit be delivered? And what will it cost?


The audit will be delivered as a PowerPoint presentation and as a PDF file for printing. The audit includes:

  1. A 25-page report with 20 suggestions for improvements to your mobile e-commerce site, with each suggestion including a screenshot and description of the usability issue along with a proposed solution.
  2. A 2-hour video conference where we go over the audit results, showcasing them using your live site. Recorded for your later use.

The audit will be conducted by one of the two lead researchers of the original M-Commerce Usability study: Jamie Appleseed or Christian Holst.

To request your audit call +1 (415) 315-9567 or write

Price: $2,800 · Lead time: 10 workdays

Refund policy: In the event that we’re unable to provide 20 improvements we’ll still complete the audit and leave it up to you if you want a refund.

“We have worked with a number of third party companies before on various projects/audits, and I can certainly say that working with Baymard was not only a pleasure; but you delivered on time; to the level of depth we wanted; addressing important issues; and answering all our questions; and you did all this for a great price. A big THANK YOU on behalf of N11.”

Efe Yaman, Program Manager at

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