Mobile Usability Audit

What are the 20 most important changes you can make to your mobile e-commerce site?


Based on the findings from 2 years of large scale mobile e-commerce usability testing the researchers at the Baymard Institute’s will conduct a usability audit of your entire mobile e-commerce site.

The Baymard auditor will write a detailed 40-50 page report outlining the 20 most important mobile user experience improvements you can make. All suggestions are listed in prioritized order based on the severity to the user’s mobile experience, and most suggestions will include best practice implementation examples from leading mobile sites. The audit will also include a direct performance comparison of your mobile site’s performance against that of 50 leading mobile e-commerce sites.

The audit will focus on the design and usability of the full mobile experience, including homepage, on-site search experience, navigation menus, category pages, product lists & filtering, product pages, shopping cart, account selection during checkout, and the entire mobile checkout flow.

The mobile e-commerce usability audit can be conducted on live production sites as well as prototype designs.

“This was an excellent piece of work: professional, thorough, and actionable for the team. We're very happy with the work Baymard has done for us so far, and I hope we'll have the chance to work together again on future projects.”

Alex Wright, Director of Research at Etsy

Who is this mobile e-commerce audit intended for?

  • E-commerce sites in need of specific optimization suggestions for their existing mobile site.
  • Sites that would like to benchmark their mobile user experience and see how they stack up against major competitors.
  • E-commerce sites that would like inspiration before commencing an expensive mobile redesign project (we also audit prototype designs).
  • Optimized mobile e-commerce sites that need a pair of external eyes to identify the last tweaks and improvements.

Return on Investment: Even the smallest improvement in the conversion rate for any mobile site with significant sales will lead to a notable return on investment, e.g. an improvement from 3.1% to 3.6% in conversion rate for a site with $1,000,000 annual sales will yield $161,000 extra sales every single year.

“Thanks for everything. The audit was extremely useful, I think we have gained valuable insight.”

Tara Costa, Senior Manager at Jarden Consumer Solutions (FoodSaver, Breville, etc.)

How will the audit be delivered? What will it cost?


The cost for a mobile usability is $2,800 and includes:

  1. A full review and analysis of your entire mobile site conducted by Baymard’s team of usability researchers.
  2. A 40-50 page audit report with 20 suggestions for usability improvements to your site as well as implementation examples.
  3. Each of the 20 suggestions is typically detailed across 2-3 pages: 1 page with explanation of the identified usability issue and suggested change, and 1-2 pages with implementation examples from other leading e-commerce sites.
  4. A usability scorecard with 90-110 mobile usability assessment parameters, with performance comparison against 50 major US e-commerce sites.
  5. A 1-2 hour video conference with you and your team to go over the results and discuss changes.

To request your audit call +1 (415) 315-9567 or write

Price: $2,800 · Lead time: 10 workdays

Refund policy: In the event that we’re unable to provide 20 improvements we’ll still complete the audit and leave it up to you if you want a refund.

“Thank you for all the value delivered ahead of our new fiscal years. Your insights not only provided a definitive foundation for our UX roadmap but completely sold our executive team on the value of expert usability insights. Your service paid for itself in a matter of days and ensured all critical gaps will be filled ahead of us running the audit again next year.”

Matthew Gardner, Director of UX at Sports Authority

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