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People Think Registration Leads to "Spam"

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Customers hate signing up for an account when all they want to do is buy a product from your e-commerce store. One of the reasons people hate registration so much is because they think it will sign them up for a newsletter too.

During our latest usability study on e-commerce checkouts we heard the same complaint over and over again: people hate creating an account when buying online. When we asked them why, 4 out of 10 test subjects told us that they “didn’t want any newsletters”.

For years, sleazy e-commerce sites have tricked customers into signing up for newsletters they don’t want by hiding the mandatory “subscribe to newsletter” checkbox. So people have come to expect that when they sign up for a new account, they also sign up for a newsletter, or “spam”, as more than half of our test subjects called it.

It doesn’t really matter if this perception is accurate or not, because this is the conclusion many customers will jump to if you force them to sign up for an account before they can buy your products.

Do you know of similar misconceptions that e-commerce businesses ought be aware of?

Florence September 30, 2014 Reply to this comment

I’m not sure they only expect a newsletter. When people say “spam”, they may really mean spam : that the site will sell their email to other e-commerce. I dislike giving my address because soon or later I have a lot of commercial mails…

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