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Checkout Usability Benchmark

Get access to the world’s most comprehensive e-commerce checkout database, with 3,000+ examples of best (and worst) practice from the top 100 grossing e-commerce sites

With 975 annotated and categorized screenshots you get plenty of inspiration on how top grossing e-commerce sites have solved their checkout design challenges and how to design your own checkout process.

With the included tool for reviewing your own site you can compare your checkout against industry players and learn where you’ve still got room for improvement.

“It's a very useful study.”

Geoff Canyon, Director of Product Management at Answers.com

Based on Usability Research

This benchmark is based on our own original usability research study. A group of users in the age range of 20‐58 were recruited to test the checkout user experience on 15 of the largest e‐commerce websites.

In total, the test subjects encountered more than 500 usability issues during the study. These 500+ usability issues have been analyzed and distilled into 63 checkout user experience guidelines – providing you with 63 concise design guidelines that will help you improve the performance of your checkout process.

“Great UX report on checkout forms/process we have used in a few audits recently.”

Chuck Longanecker, Founder of UX studio Digital Telepathy

Is your checkout better than Apple’s, Amazon’s or Walmart’s?

Based on the findings from the research study we’ve benchmarked the checkout process of the top 100 grossing e-commerce sites. This has lead to the most comprehensive e-commerce checkout database in the world with 508 checkout steps reviewed, 975 screenshots, and 3,000+ examples of how to implement each of the 63 checkout usability guidelines.

Furthermore the benchmark database include tools that allow you to score your own (or your clients’) checkout process and see how it stacks up against the competition and the top 100 e-commerce sites, showing you who has the best checkout.


8 of the 100 benchmarked sites

“Best checkout report I've read to date.”

Rikard Stolz, E-Commerce Optimization Manager

Includes the Checkout Usability Report

The user research study originally resulted in a 192-page report with 63 actionable checkout usability guidelines for improving your checkout process and lower your abandonment rate.

The report is already being used by numerous Fortune 500 and top 100 grossing e-commerce sites, as well as hundreds of smaller shops, web agencies and user experience consultants.

The benchmark and report are fully integrated and together they comprise a powerful research-based, yet pragmatic, resource for improving your checkout process.

Learn more about the E-Commerce Checkout Usability report

“The report is based on facts and includes many pragmatic, fully tested and easily implementable actions.”

Tom Wilson, President of The CareGiver Partnership

What You Get

Full access to the Checkout Usability Benchmark database with:

  1. 508 checkout steps of the top 100 grossing e-commerce sites reviewed
  2. 975 screenshots with 3,000+ best (and worst) practice examples
  3. 63 research based checkout usability guidelines
  4. An interactive tool for reviewing your own (or clients’) checkout process and see how it stacks up against the competition

Plus: a digital copy of the E-Commerce Checkout Usability report.

“Thank you for your great work - compact, insightful and helpful!”

Holger Maasen, Information architect and owner of IAMA.de

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Get instant access to the benchmark database + a digital copy of the checkout usability report for $150, and start lowering your cart abandonment rate with comprehensive checkout usability research.

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Refund policy: We stand by our research and offer you a full 14 days “no questions asked” refund. If you’re not satisfied, simply e-mail us at christian@baymard.com for a full refund.

Benchmark details

The benchmark database has four components:

  • Review: Interactive checklist for reviewing your own sites
  • Guidelines: 63 usability guidelines with examples from the 100 benchmarked sites
  • Top 100: The checkout processes of the top 100 grossing e-commerce sites
  • Step type: Navigate the checkout processes by type of checkout step

Report details

  • Title: E-Commerce Checkout Usability
  • Authors: Jamie Appleseed, Christian Holst
  • ISBN: 978-87-994365-2-1
  • Published: June 2013
  • Delivery: Instant PDF-download (DRM-free), 35mb
  • Content: 192 pages, 63 guidelines

Report license

The report and Baymard Pro account are intended for internal use - for you and your team.

You and your team are allowed to both print and digitally distribute the report to employees within your own organization (i.e. within the same legal entity), as long as it is not accessible to anyone outside it.

We trust our customers, so all reports we sell are unrestricted – this means that no DRM or other restrictive technologies are used.


Research is conducted and published by Baymard Institute, and written by its two founders:

  • Christian Holst – User experience engineer with a master's degree from the Technical University of Denmark. He has worked with designing user experiences in both the hearing aid and the credit card industry before co-founding Baymard Institute 2009.
  • Jamie Appleseed – Has a decade's worth of work experience designing and coding websites, with a focus on user experience. He has worked as lead developer on numerous web projects at web agency Spoiled Milk before co-founding Baymard Institute in 2009.

Baymard Institute’s research is used by:



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