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About the Research

Research studies on e-commerce usability and UX

All of Baymard’s research publications are based on our own original usability studies and benchmarks.

Each year-long research study is based on 1-on-1 usability test sessions following the “think aloud” protocol with real users testing “live” e-commerce sites. The benchmark evaluations are heuristic usability reviews based on the guidelines derived from those usability studies.

The research findings are written into usability reports, published in articles, and the basis for our benchmark databases.

About Baymard Institute

An independent e-commerce usability research institute

Baymard Institute is an independent research institute based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our focus is to produce “actionable research” – using the thorough methodology of academic research, but presenting the results in a business-friendly format.

The goal is to provide e-commerce owners, marketers, developers and designers with a collection of actionable usability research to base their design decisions on.

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