Liv Rutkowska


Liv Rutkowska graduated Baymard’s 122-hour ‘Tier 1: UX Master’ degree in 2023, testifying complete mastery of Baymard’s UX research findings.

The ‘Tier 1: UX Master’ degree is Baymard’s most in-depth UX training program, covering 80% of the core findings from Baymard’s large-scale research. The degree provides both the broad and deep UX knowledge required to consistently identify almost all UX issues on a given website and to build user experiences that will perform great with end users.

2023TIER 1: UX MASTERLiv Rutkowska

Exams Passed (7)

This is not a “get a certificate for showing up” training program — trainees must pass 6 challenging UX exams to acquire certification, each of which require significant study of Baymard’s UX research findings.

August 2023

Site Review & Presentation: UX Master

Ability to perform and present detailed UX assessments of production e-commerce sites

June 2023

Accounts & Self-Service: UX Master

Complete mastery of how users access and interact with account and self-service pages, including how the types of account features provided and their discoverability and ease of use impact users’ ability to locate desired information and effectively manage their accounts.

June 2023

Cart & Checkout: UX Master

Complete mastery of all the things that can go wrong in the last stage of the user’s purchasing cycle “from cart to completed order” and how to design a checkout that causes as few needless abandonments as possible.

May 2023

Product Page: UX Master

Complete mastery of how users interpret and interact with product pages, including how different types of page layouts and features and the product images, specs, and descriptions impact users’ product evaluation and purchasing decisions.

May 2023

Product Lists & Filtering: UX Master

Complete mastery of how sites can improve users’ ability to find, evaluate and select just a handful of products relevant to their needs from the hundreds of products shown on the product listing page. The findings apply to both category-based and search-results-based listing pages.

May 2023

On-Site Search: UX Master

Complete mastery of what users expect as they perform searches on e-commerce sites, what typically goes wrong in the process, why it goes wrong, and exactly what changes to make to avoid these issues. It covers search logic, search field design, autocomplete, and the results page.

April 2023

Homepage & Category: UX Master

Complete mastery of how users perceive your homepage, interpret category taxonomies, interact with the main navigation, and rely on intermediary category pages — all with the intent of arriving at the list of products that matches what they are looking for.


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