Jobs at Baymard

We’re always interested in extraordinary talent in any field relevant to our UX work and research. In terms of specific openings, we’re currently looking for:

  • Research Writer – Are you a UX research writer, editor, and analyst, able to write thorough and engaging UX research findings?

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Key Work Values at Baymard

90% of our team works remotely, but once a year we all get together for a meetup. This is from our meetup on Iceland, where one of the activities was snowmobiling on glaciers.

The following work values are central to us at Baymard and hopefully gives you an idea of our culture and what working at Baymard is like:

  • Flat organization – Baymard is a small organization of just ~15 people. This means zero management layers between you and final decision. You’ll have direct access to and impact on decision making.
  • Lots of responsibility – From day 1 (OK, maybe day 2) you will be working on final products or services. We believe the best way to learn is to work an actual products and challenges, supplemented with rich ‘early feedback’.
  • Long-term focus – Decisions are always based on their long term impact. We’re not interested in hunting after the next “quick win” — we want to make a lasting impact on the e-commerce industry and usually adopt a 5-year perspective in our decisions and projects.
  • Remote from the ground up – 90% of the team works remotely. We’ve deliberately designed the organization around remote work. That said, we do bring the entire team together for a week once a year somewhere interesting in the world. (In past meetups we snowmobiled glaciers on Iceland, went to NYC, etc.)
  • Team of ‘subject matter’ nerds – Everyone geeks out a bit on their work interests. We love that, and once a week someone from the team does a 20min presentation on their latest obsession — whether it’s quasi-quantum-worlds or the proper usage of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.
  • Founders engaged in the product – We believe it is essential that those orchestrating the work of the organization are keenly in tune with all aspects of it. The two founders of Baymard have therefore performed every type of task in the organization themselves (from programming to UX testing), and continue to work directly on the product.