About Baymard Institute

An Independent Web UX Research Institute

Baymard conducts original large-scale research studies on all aspects of the online user experience – from ‘form field labels’ to the ‘entire mobile experience’.

We believe in what we call ‘actionable research’ – taking the originality and thoroughness of academic research and presenting it in a pragmatic and user-friendly format.

The results of our 54,000+ hours of UX research are available to you in the six different formats below:

Free Research Content

UX Articles

265 free articles covering 5% of Baymard’s large-scale UX research findings.

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UX Benchmarks

Case studies of 60 top-grossing e-commerce sites. Ranked using 77,800+ UX performance scores.

Examine the benchmark

Page Designs

4,500+ annotated design examples, for systematic design inspiration on page types.

Explore page designs

Paid Products & Services

Premium Research

Get full access to Baymard’s 54,000+ hours of research and empower your UX decisions.

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UX Auditing

Baymard audits your site’s UX performance, compares it, and identifies key UX improvements.

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UX Training

Enhance your team with a 1-5 day UX training workshop held at your company offices.

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How We Work

This video provides you an overview of Baymard’s research structure and methodology, and shows you how it’s used in our core services. Every year we conduct another 12,800+ hours of new UX research.







Our Core Team

Christian Holst
Founder, DK

Jamie Appleseed
Founder, DK

Edward Scott
Researcher, US

Mark Crowley
Researcher, IE

Kathryn Totz
Researcher, US

Christian Vind
Auditor, DK

Steffen Haferbier
Auditor, DK

Rebecca Hugo
Auditor, UK

Robert Russell
Auditor, US

Karolina Rukaite
Benchmarker, DK

Federico Caria
Benchmarker, ES

Jonathan Gurteen
Designer, UK

Juan Gomez
Developer, US

Richard Lam
Auditor, US

Laura Messina
Auditor, US

Sally Collins
Researcher, US

Alexander Krzyminski
Researcher, US

Thijs Koerselman
Developer, NL

Klaas Landsman Developer, NL

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Our Clients

Baymard’s research is used by more than 3,000 brands, agencies, researchers, and UX designers, across 80+ countries, and includes 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies.

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Phone US:
+1 (415) 315-9567

Phone EU:
+45 3696 9567

Postal Address:
Daltoftevej 58,
2860 Soborg,

VAT no: DK38748890