Product Page Usability

How do users interpret and interact with your product pages?

Research Study

98 guidelines for product page UX

This study is based on extensive usability research on how users interpret and interact with product pages, condensed into 98 design guidelines.

‘Full Access’ includes a 622-page usability report and an interactive benchmark database with 4,000+ best practice examples.

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Site Reviews

Product page usability reviews of 60 major e-commerce sites

A usability benchmark of the product pages of 60 top grossing e-commerce sites reviewed across 98 usability heuristics.

The benchmark database includes 285 annotated screenshots, performance reviews, stats & graphs, and more.

Browse all 60 site reviews

Page Designs

285 categorized screenshots of product pages, image galleries, spec sheets, and more

Explore design patterns across 285 screenshots of product page designs and features organized into 5 different categories.

This is a great way to get inspiration for your own product page design, and to get a feel for emerging trends in e-commerce product pages.

Browse all 285 page designs

In-Person UX Training

Immersive and fast-paced workshops on e-commerce UX

Baymard now offers training in Product Details Page UX as part of its 5-day workshops – with a full day dedicated to the entire product page experience, including the page layouts, image gallery UI, product description structure, user reviews, etc.

You’ll work together with Baymard’s researchers on applying years of UX research insights to your own product page design.

The workshops run January-March 2018, in the US and Europe. In-house workshops are also offered.

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UX Audit Service

Get your product page experience reviewed

What are the 15 most important changes you can make to your e-commerce product page design and features?

We will put together a detailed 40-page report of the 15 most important usability improvements you can make to your product page implementation.

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Additional pages and content

Study methodology – how the research study was conducted

Report changelog – list of all report updates