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Extensive collection of 45+ online shopping cart abandonment rate statistics (global avg. 69%). Including original research statistics on why users abandon their cart.

The spacing patterns (and IIN ranges) for 20 common credit card types. Needed for important UX enhancements like “card type” detection and credit card auto-spacing.

A library of articles that cover ‘UX Basics’ to enable anyone to understand UX fundamentals. These articles are to help people new to the UX industry.

A live demo of our “redesigned country selector” experiment, which addresses the extensive usability issues observed for normal country selector drop-downs.

Code examples and live demos for invoking the most UX optimized mobile touch keyboards depending on the different types of form fields users encounter during checkout.

See the more than 330 people that have earned the degree of “Certified E-Commerce UX Professional by Baymard Institute”, and how you get UX certified yourself.

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