Jobs: Head of Marketing

About The Role

Baymard Institute conducts large-scale UX research studies and sells the findings in our bespoke B2B SaaS platform (see Baymard’s SaaS platform is used by 17,500+ brands, agencies, researchers, and UX designers, across 80+ countries, and includes 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies. We’re a fully distributed organization of ~50 people across America and Europe.

We’re looking for our first marketing hire to build and scale a full-funnel growth engine and arm more UX leaders with Baymard’s research content and audit services. In partnership with a talented team of cross-functional design, development, business intelligence and content peers, you’ll take our marketing program from 0 to 1, building upon a strong foundation of demonstrated product-market fit and past success growing the business through organic search. You’ll play a pivotal role as we grow the Marketing and Sales teams from 2 to 10 over the next two years. At your disposal, you’ll have a strong brand and access to an extensive library of research content to leverage throughout the funnel. Reporting directly to the co-founder, you can expect rapid cycles of ideation and decision-making.

About You

You’re a best-in-class full-funnel demand gen or growth leader, previously entrenched within leading B2B SaaS tech companies. As an early employee, you’ve successfully built and scaled acquisition and retention programs for B2B SaaS or knowledge-service models, thoughtfully targeting and engaging well-defined audiences via self-serve funnels and freemium models. You’ve led small, scrappy teams of high performers (FTEs, agencies, contractors) in early-stage, high-growth environments.

You’re likely director-level, or a senior manager who punches above their weight class. You’re tactical enough to do the work yourself as strategies are validated and scaled. An ability and desire to get into the weeds is a non-negotiable. You may have a T-shaped background – excellent at a tactical level in several functional areas and broad at a strategic level across the entire set of B2B growth/demand gen functions. You are aware of your own expertise gaps, what level of proficiency is required to properly draw conclusions from an experiment, and when additional resources should be pulled in to complement your strengths.

You have an analytical bent, an experimentation mindset, and enjoy the instrumentation of demand gen funnel mechanics, though you also have a keen ability to zoom out and think strategically about the customer journey.

You’re naturally curious and a self-proclaimed marketing geek, ideally with a demonstrated interest in user experience design through the lens of a marketer.


  • Experience building acquisition funnels and retention programs for B2B SaaS or B2B knowledge-service companies (note we’re freemium and B2B low-cost, self-serve).
  • A deep understanding of and ability to build the customer journey / lifecycle that suits an info-heavy B2B service, including crafting messaging that matches the prospect’s stage in their purchase-decision cycle, building automated lifecycle programs, and upselling and monetizing existing customers.
  • Experience with CRM, marketing automation, and BI tools.
  • Marketing copywriting proficiency, capable of drafting ad, landing page, and email copy.
  • A background in partnering with content and creative teams to drive funnel performance (PS: you do not have to write the content marketing pieces, we have a team for that, see
  • General product marketing sensibilities around audience segmentation, persona development, and positioning/messaging, even without formal product marketing experience.
  • Track record of working productively on a remote team.
  • Experience managing performance-driven paid advertising strategies.


  • Past experience targeting product management and/or UX personas.
  • Partnerships and channel marketing experience (e.g. a possible partnership with Figma, Shopify, etc.).
  • Experience leading technical site and keyword-driven SEO efforts.
  • Exposure to product-led marketing strategies.
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative approaches to packaging and pricing optimization.

Though not the immediate priority, experience with lead generation funnels is helpful as we think towards the future: working hand-in-hand with sales counterparts, leveraging ABM tactics and executing land-and-expand motions within enterprise accounts.


  • Location: remote full-time position from Europe or America (Central and Eastern time zones only to allow for sufficient overlap with team members based in Europe).
  • Salary: in accordance with qualifications.
  • Start date: as soon as possible.
  • Language: fully proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Travel: limited; expect only 0-2 weeks of travel each year.
  • Company: Learn more about life at Baymard and our work values by reading the section at the end of this page.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in this position, please email

Christian & Jamie, Founders of Baymard Institute

Referral Bonus: If this job isn’t you, but you know someone who’ll be the perfect fit, please send them the link to this page. If we end up hiring the person you referred, we’ll give you a 1-year access to a Baymard Premium ‘Comprehensive’ plan (normally $1,800/year).

Key Work Values at Baymard

The following work values are central to us at Baymard and hopefully gives you an idea of our culture and what working at Baymard is like:

Our entire team works remotely, but once a year, we all get together for a meetup. Past meetups have been in Iceland, Copenhagen, and Portugal — see a video from one of the meetups.

  • Flat organization – Baymard is a small organization of just ~50 people. This means zero management layers between you and the final decision. You’ll have direct access to and impact on decision making.
  • Lots of responsibility – From day 1 (OK, maybe day 2), you will be working on final products or services. We believe the best way to learn is to work on actual products and challenges, supplemented with rich early feedback.
  • Long-term focus – Decisions are always based on their long term impact. We’re not interested in hunting after the next “quick win” — we want to make a lasting impact on the e-commerce industry and usually adopt a 5-year perspective in our decisions and projects.
  • Remote from the ground up – 100% of the team works remotely. We’ve deliberately designed the organization around remote work. That said, we do bring the entire team together for a week once a year somewhere interesting in the world.
  • Team of ‘subject matter’ nerds – Everyone geeks out a bit on their work interests. We love that, and once a week someone from the team gets the opportunity to do a 20-minute presentation on their latest obsession — whether it’s quasi-quantum-worlds, critical thinking, or the proper usage of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.
  • Founders engaged in the product – We believe it is essential that those orchestrating the work of the organization are keenly in tune with all aspects of it. The two founders of Baymard have therefore performed every type of task in the organization themselves (from programming to UX testing), and continue to work directly on the product.
  • Flexible hours – Beyond ensuring availability for meetings and a few hours of daily overlap with your colleagues, you are largely free to plan your own workweek. E.g., we have some that take a 2-hour break midday and then instead work in the evening, or only work half a Tuesday and then always work half a Saturday.
  • Room for growth – We believe that everyone should be able to grow in their job — both as a professional and as a person. Therefore, each member of the team gets a clear, step-by-step overview of their progress, internal masterclasses, team summits, and more.