Jobs: Web Content Manager

Are you good at writing and managing web content?

Help shape the e-commerce experiences of some of the largest sites in the world.

Would you like to join a company that produces cutting-edge User Experience research? Research used by thousands of web professionals, including some of the biggest brands in the world (including Nike, Sears, Lenovo, Etsy)? Are you passionate about creating, repackaging, and organizing content, to communicate these insights to our current and prospective clients?

Then apply for the following remote full-time position at Baymard Institute.

About Your Job at Baymard

A sincere passion for, and demonstrated excellence in, content management is essential as you’ll be spending at least 80% of your time managing our public-facing content.

In this position, you’ll be responsible for much of the content at, including our publicly available research findings and sales pages. In particular, you’ll write and manage our articles and other web content (e.g., text on our use cases and page designs pages).

The job calls for someone who enjoys communicating highly specific research findings to a more general audience, as well as UX professionals — creatively adapting and merging content from multiple sources without inadvertently misconstruing the underlying research findings.

You’ll work closely with our Sales & Support, Product, and Research teams to communicate new research and product offerings on our website, as well as through email newsletters, white papers, and other relevant communications.

This position is full-time, permanent, and 100% remote (note that you are expected to have at least 2 hours of daily overlap with Europe and US during traditional business hours).

Job Qualifications

You will help communicate and maintain Baymard’s core research content, which is critical to all our products and services.

While we will train you in Baymard’s specific content management needs, we expect that you have the following qualifications:

  • [7/7] Requirement: Strong content strategy skills (esp. for digital-first or SaaS companies). In particular, by demonstrating an ability to translate research findings into articles (expected to be around 50% of your time). Additionally, you’ll also integrate various content into an overall content strategy for the company. Other content strategy duties will include creating a publication schedule for content, maintaining an overview of content, and managing multiple flows of content.
  • [5/7] Requirement: Professional copywriting skills, as you’ll have to do some original writing, such as article introductions, descriptions of new Baymard research, and sales page texts.
  • [5/7] Requirement: Professional copyediting skills, as you’ll be expected to edit your own, as well as others’, writing for the website.
  • [4/7] Good interpersonal and communication skills, as you’ll have to navigate among Baymard’s different teams to understand the core content that needs to be communicated and ensure the website content remains up-to-date.
  • [3/7] Familiarity with the ‘web industry’ and especially its jargon (can be from experience with web development, design, research, writing, etc.).
  • [3/7] Remote work experience as the position is 100% remote.

(Note: the numbers in brackets indicate the weighted importance of each on a 7-point scale (higher = more important). These weights reflect how candidates are evaluated, so make sure your application illustrates your prowess in the highest-weighted skills and traits.)

Other Job Specs

Salary: in accordance with qualifications
Location: 100% remote full-time position
Start date: preferably mid-2022

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this position, please send the following:

  1. A list describing relevant content management experience.
  2. A cover letter that describes which of the 6 above-listed job qualifications you meet and how you meet them.
  3. Other information you find relevant (hobbies, interests, work experience, CV, ..).

Send the above to (all applications and materials are treated confidentially).

Deadline is May 30, 2022.

Note: Based on the applications, a few selected candidates will be assigned a paid writing and editing test, which will be the primary evaluation criteria for the position. This will also be a good way for you to get a feel for the primary task of this job. (The test will be performed remotely. You’ll be asked to write original content and edit existing content within a 10-day deadline.)

Jamie & Christian
Founders of the Baymard Institute

Referral Bonus: If this job isn’t you, but you know someone who’ll be the perfect fit, please send them the link to this page. If we end up hiring the person you referred, we’ll give you one year of access to a Baymard Premium ‘Medium’ plan (a $1,560 value).

Key Work Values at Baymard

Our entire team works remotely, but once a year, we all get together for a meetup. The first image is from Iceland, where one of the activities was snowmobiling on glaciers. Second, is oyster hunting in a Danish tidal sea, catching 240 oysters in 12 minutes.

The following work values are central to us at Baymard and hopefully gives you an idea of our culture and what working at Baymard is like:

  • Flat organization – Baymard is a small organization of just ~30 people. This means zero management layers between you and the final decision. You’ll have direct access to and impact on decision making.
  • Lots of responsibility – From day 1 (OK, maybe day 2), you will be working on final products or services. We believe the best way to learn is to work on actual products and challenges, supplemented with rich early feedback.
  • Long-term focus – Decisions are always based on their long term impact. We’re not interested in hunting after the next “quick win” — we want to make a lasting impact on the e-commerce industry and usually adopt a 5-year perspective in our decisions and projects.
  • Remote from the ground up – 100% of the team works remotely. We’ve deliberately designed the organization around remote work. That said, we do bring the entire team together for a week once a year somewhere interesting in the world.
  • Team of ‘subject matter’ nerds – Everyone geeks out a bit on their work interests. We love that, and once a week someone from the team does a 20min presentation on their latest obsession — whether it’s quasi-quantum-worlds or the proper usage of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.
  • Founders engaged in the product – We believe it is essential that those orchestrating the work of the organization are keenly in tune with all aspects of it. The two founders of Baymard have therefore performed every type of task in the organization themselves (from programming to UX testing), and continue to work directly on the product.
  • Flexible hours – beyond ensuring availability for meetings and a few hours of daily overlap with your colleagues, you are largely free to plan your own workweek. E.g. we have some that take 2-hours break midday and then instead work in the evening, or only work half a Tuesday and then always work half a Saturday.