Jobs: Web Developer

Are you a back-end programmer who cares about design? Or a front-end developer who knows Ruby?

Help us help the UX teams at the largest e-commerce sites in the world.

Would you like to envision and develop the web platform for a team of dedicated usability researchers conducting cutting-edge e-commerce research used by UX teams at some of the biggest brands in the world (clients include Nike, Lenovo, Etsy, etc.)?

Then apply for the following full-time job at Baymard Institute – either working remotely or in Copenhagen, Denmark (or a mix!).

About the Job

Baymard Institute is a small independent web usability research organization, specialized in conducting large-scale generic usability studies of e-commerce sites. These studies are published as industry reports and benchmark databases at (this site is a big part of the web platform you’ll be working on) – which is being used by thousands of web professionals, all the way from the independent freelance web designer to the UX Director of a Fortune 500 company.

One of your primary responsibilities will be developing our web platform – the “delivery vehicle” for all of our research.

In this position you will have a lot of influence on the technical direction of the company since all Baymard employees are e-commerce UX researchers except one (Jamie, co-founder of the business, and the person you’ll be working most closely together with). It’s an opportunity to help envision and build the technical platform of a company that works with tech but doesn’t sell it. (Because of this we’re also more than happy to open-source our internal code and scripts.)

If you’re looking for a chance to work on long-term goals rather than chasing monthly user growth targets, this will be a good match. We’re a business that has been profitable from day one and we really don’t care about temporarily spiking our user metrics in order to flip the company or impress VC investors. We’re much more interested in steady and sustainable improvements to our business – continually increasing the value we deliver to our customers (from which sustained increases in profitability organically follow). Since all of Baymard’s research is delivered through its website, your work will have an immediate and tangible impact on the company.

We want to work with the smartest and most dedicated people around the world, and all of our positions are therefore open to full-time remote work. In other words, you are welcome to work with us from any location you prefer (which many of our employees do). If you want to, you’re of course also welcome to work in our Copenhagen-based office.

Salary: in accordance with qualifications.
Start date: preferably before the end of 2017.

Job Requirements

You’re skills and interests must span from design to back-end coding. Strong skills in one area can compensate for a weaker side in other areas, but you’ll regularly be working across the spectrum of back-end programming, front-end code, and user interface design, and therefore must have basic skills in all these areas – and even more importantly: enjoy working in all of them!

Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • Back-end skills – basic programming chops is a requirement for this position, and solid back-end skills is considered a major plus. Familiarity with Ruby is a bonus, but by no means a necessity.
  • Front-end skills – you should be confident in JavaScript and CSS, be able to appreciate concepts such as progressive enhancement, and care deeply about how all of these things tie together and how they impact the end-user experience.
  • Design skills – while we’re definitely not looking for a graphic designer, you must be curious about design and how it shapes users’ perceptions, and enjoy thinking through and tweaking the user interfaces you’re building.
  • Interest in UX and e-commerce is a bonus, but no experience or skills are necessary in this area as you’ll work with (and have the option to be trained by) the best in the business.

We furthermore expect you to be fluent in english, comfortable working remotely via digital platforms and willing to do a few yearly travels for team meetups (expect 2-5 weeks of travel each year).


If you’re interested in this position please send the following (listed in order of importance):

  1. Samples of back-end code you’ve written.
  2. Samples of front-end code you’ve written.
  3. Samples of user interfaces you’ve designed, been involved in designing, or helped implement (please indicate your level of involvement).
  4. Other information you find relevant (hobbies, interests, work experience, CV, ..).

Note: open-source contributions are perfectly fine as code samples – simply send along / point us towards whatever “work” you feel best represents your skills.

Send the above to

Deadline is October 20, 2017. All applications and materials are kept strictly confidential.

Jamie & Christian
Founders of the Baymard Institute

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