Chicago UX Workshops

February 25. - March 1., 2019 · E-Commerce UX Training Workshops

Chicago is the only location on the US where Baymard Institute offers its 5 E-Commerce UX Training Workshops and certification.

This page contains additional information specific for the Chicago version of Baymard’s 5 day UX Training Workshops. If you’re looking for a description of the UX training workshops, the topics covered, and getting certified, then head to the general page for Baymard’ 5 day UX Training Workshops.

Workshop Location

The UX training will be held downtown Chicago at “525 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60605, USA”.

Each of the workshop days begins at 9AM and ends at 5PM.

Flying to Chicago

Getting to Chicago is easy with direct flights from nearly all larger US and European cities.

See nearly all flights to Chicago.

VISA Requirements

You will generally not need a VISA to enter USA if you are from Canada. People from Europe and other locations, entering USA can often settle with a simple online ESTA application and does typically not need a full VISA.

Hotel Options

The UX training venue is located centrally in downtown Chicago at “525 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60605, USA”.

A convenient hotel option is to stay at either Hilton Palmer House (from $98/night), Central Loop Hotel ($124/night), Travelodge Downtown Chicago (from $80/night), along with several other options within walking distance of the venue’s central location.

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For a description of the actual UX training workshops, the topics covered, and getting certified – head to the general page for Baymard’s 5 UX Training Workshops.


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Order Summary:

Note: All the workshop days also include a complimentary ‘Full Access’ license to each of Baymard’s corresponding research studies (priced at $200-$250/each), as we’ll use these studies as part of the course material. If opting for all 5 days this translates to report savings of $1,050.

Detailed Pricing Table / Multi-Person Discount / Terms & Conditions

Detailed Pricing Table

Seat Prices 1-2 days $200-450 report savings 3-4 days $600-850 report savings +
$300-375 volume discount
5 days $1,050 report savings +
$750 volume discount
Early Price save $250/day,
ends 75 days before workshop
$850 / day $750 / day $700 / day
Regular Price save $150/day,
ends 14 days before workshop
$950 / day $850 / day $800 / day
Late Price $1,100 / day $1,000 / day $950 / day

Beyond the discounts for booking multiple days and for booking early, there’s also 1 license included per workshop day for Baymard’s corresponding research study. These study reports and benchmarks will be used as workshop courseware and as work tools for you and your team when you get home. (The normal cost is $200 for each of the 5 studies.)

Optional exam and certificate: There’s a $60 fee per workshop exam reflecting the time spent by the examiner, issuing certificates, and managing online profiles.

Prices include lunch, snacks, beverages, courseware, and wifi throughout the day.

Want to attend more than 1 person from the same company?

We offer a $300 discount for every person beyond the first that attend all 5 days of UX training workshops (if employed at the same company).

Attending 2 or more people from the same company has the added benefit of allowing you to work together on your site as a group in all of the hands-on sessions throughout each of the workshop days.

To get this discount simply place a normal UX training order for each of the attendees, and then email with the order numbers – we’ll then issue a partial refund for the discount.

Are you more than 5 employees attending? Then consider an in-house workshop instead, where Baymard comes to your offices at a time that suits you, with private UX training for your team.

‘Convince Your Boss’ PDF

You can download “E-Commerce UX Training Workshops by Baymard Institute” as a PDF file – it contains the full description of the UX training workshops, the topics, certification, costs, etc. It’s handy for passing around if you need to get internal approval to attend.