New Online UX Training Platform with 3 Different UX Degrees — All Based on Baymard’s Extensive UX Research

We’re launching a brand new self-paced UX training & certification platform as an add-on to Baymard Premium.

The online UX training is based on Baymard’s 110,000+ hours of UX research, ensuring you’ll upskill based on large-scale research of online user behavior rather than second-hand interpretations.

3 Skill Levels to Match All Backgrounds and Ambitions

We’ve built the UX training platform with 3 different UX degrees and levels of difficulty to pick from:

  • ‘UX Practitioner’: the 40-hour degree is for people that want a solid UX foundation — without spending time on the endless details. This degree is designed for people new to the UX field or those who don’t work in a direct UX role (e.g. product managers, content managers, developers, etc).
  • ‘UX Professional’: the 80-hour degree is built for people working with UX professionally (or those who want to) — e.g., UX designers, UX researchers, UX managers, etc.
  • ‘UX Master’: the 120-hour degree is recommended for senior UXers that want to dedicate themselves to becoming among the “top 5%” of e-commerce UXers in the world.

Get UX Certified and Document Your Expertise

Completing one of the 3 UX degrees will also earn you UX certification by Baymard.

UX certification is a great way to document your high level of UX expertise and ensure you get recognized for it. Those who are UX certified also qualify for a public profile at (optional).

Accelerate Your UX Journey With Research-Based UX Training

Learn more about the new UX training platform, the curriculum, and pricing – along with how you’ll be putting each of the learnings into practice by incrementally assessing your own website/app (or a client’s) and building a complete UX performance scorecard.

Explore your options at

Authored by Christian Holst on June 13, 2023

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