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39 ‘Time Booking Interface’ Design Examples

Also referred to as: Scheduling Interface, Time Scheduling, Date & Time Selector

What’s this? Here you’ll find 39 “Time Booking Interface” full-page screenshots annotated with research-based UX insights, sourced from Baymard’s UX benchmark of 250 e-commerce sites. (Note: this is less than 1% of the full research catalog.)

Scheduling, be it for groceries, a takeout, or the installation of a service, plays a crucial part in these types of orders, and it is usually placed somewhere close to the end of the ordering process. It is essential the users are provided with clarity on all the available date and time options accompanied by the fee within the “Time Booking Interface” to make sure that they book the suitable date and time for their needs and can quickly complete their order.

More ‘Time Booking Interface’ Insights

  • During testing, participants often struggled to understand the dates and times that were available due solely to the way in which they were presented. Consequently, participants were slowed in their progress towards completing checkout — while some even misunderstood the available options, underestimating possible dates and times and overlooking potentially viable alternatives.

  • Testing revealed the best-performing solution was to present date and time slot options in a clear visual hierarchy.

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