External Article: Testing Pagination Against Infinite Scrolling and ‘Load More’ Buttons

During our Product Lists & Filtering usability study we discovered how ‘Load More’ buttons can outperform both pagination and infinite scrolling, but also uncovered a number of severe pitfalls that can offset any gains.

In today’s article, we’ll present our usability test findings on the best UX pattern to display products on an e-commerce site: Pagination, a “Load More” button, or Infinite Scrolling.

The article is published as a guest post at Smashing Magazine and includes findings from both our mobile and desktop findings, along with how search results need a different product loading method than category navigation.

External article link: Infinite Scrolling, Pagination Or “Load More” Buttons? Usability Findings In eCommerce

Authored by Baymard Institute on March 1, 2016

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