Review of Rework

The short version: Rework is the most important business book I’ve read in months. Not because of the solutions presented in the book, but because of the questions Rework force you to think about and answer yourself.

Written by the founders of 37signals, Rework challenges the way you think about running your business. You may not agree with all the solutions offered in this book (I didn’t), but the subjects presented in Rework are essential.

Rework is a mix of the best of what 37signals have been writing and talking about for years now, and what they have been doing every day for even longer than that. All of it is of course presented in their typical no-nonsense manner.

The two authors, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier, will force you to think about and answer vital questions about your company’s productivity, how you do damage control, who you hire, your culture, the evolution of your business, and how to promote yourself. (By the way, those are all real chapters from this 271 page book.)

While you may recognize a few paragraphs from Getting Real and find some common themes, don’t be fooled: Rework is not just an updated version of Getting Real. Getting Real is a book about how to build a software company. Rework is a book about how to run any company. It’s a business book.

Rework is out March 9. Check out the official Rework site for information on where to pre-order.

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Authored by Jamie Appleseed

Published on March 2, 2010

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This is a quick one, but actually pretty ingenious. This is the go-to guide to authenticity and agility with your startup. The traditional ‘get rick quick’ scheme is a boring pretensious scam. Rework is the path to real success.