Jobs’ Impact on the Design & UX Industry

36.88% of our traffic the last 31 days has been on Apple devices.

I think if there’s any industry that will be forever indebted to this man, Steve Jobs, it is the design and UX industry. While Jobs didn’t invent the industry, he is certainly the one who pushed it forward.

Steve Jobs and Apple has truly put great and user-friendly design on the mainstream business agenda. For a decade, Apple has been the hallmark of good design and have shown the board rooms the kind of profits it can bring if you invest in design – which countless businesses have done, based on this single case alone. Who of us haven’t at some point heard a client say “make it more like the iPod / Apple”?

Investing in design and UX is now the standard in most industries. Words like “simple” now has positive connotations.

There’s many things to be said about Steve Jobs. Most of them have already been said, and the most important probably can’t be expressed.

Thank you, Steve. Rest in peace.

Authored by Jamie Holst on October 9, 2011


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