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Image Gallery Overlay

32 design examples manually annotated by Baymard researchers

What’s this? Here you’ll find 32 annotated “Image Gallery Overlay” design examples from Baymard’s UX benchmark of 60 major e-commerce sites. (Note: this is less than 1% of the full research catalog.)

On the product page, a commonly found way to display detailed product images is though an ‘Image Gallery Overlay’ — an overlay/modal window that often contains a complete and more detailed view of all the product images and videos.

More ‘Image Gallery Overlay’ Insights

  • Time and again during our testing the design of the image gallery User Interface caused users to overlook the very images they were trying to seek out, as well as causing users to not be able to properly enlarge the images (to perform a detailed visual inspection). A particularly common pitfall that 30% of sites suffer from is truncating thumbnails in the image gallery without a sufficiently clear truncation indication — something that was the cause for multiple direct site abandonments during testing, as users overlooked all of the truncated images and didn’t feel like they had enough visual information about a product.

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