Baymard Update: 117 New ‘Mobile UX’ Guidelines and 9,000+ Mobile Examples Uncovered During 2020

At Baymard, we’ve just released another major expansion to our 2020 Mobile UX research catalog, with the two main highlights being: 

  1. a new 2020 mobile UX benchmark with 9,000+ new mobile best- and worst-practice examples.
  2. 117 new mobile UX guidelines based on extensive mobile usability testing.

This article provides you with a short summary of our latest UX research initiatives.

1) UX Benchmark with 9,000+ new mobile examples released

During 2020 we’ve UX performance benchmarked the mobile websites from 57 of the largest brands across our 250+ mobile UX guidelines, leading to a new “2020 Mobile E-Commerce UX benchmark”.

This provides you with 9,000+ worst- and best-practice mobile UX examples, and 12,300+ mobile UX performance scores from 2020:

  • You can view the Mobile E-Commerce UX performance and case-study dataset for free in the public part of our UX Benchmark.
  • You can see the 900+ mobile page design examples from leading e-commerce sites in the Page Design tool for free.

2) 117 new mobile UX guidelines added during 2020

During 2020, Baymard’s team of UX researchers has so far uncovered 117 new Mobile UX guidelines, that in-detail document how users behave on mobile devices and websites in 2020, and what mobile UI patterns that are consistently observed to perform the best with end-users.

The new large-scale UX test findings, in particular, establish UX best practices around the topics of “Mobile Homepages”, “Mobile Main Navigation”, “Mobile Product Pages”, “Mobile Product Listings & Filtering”; and “Mobile Cart & Checkouts”.

This research, along with our 2019 mobile UX research, is by far the most comprehensive research project we’ve conducted in Baymard’s 10 years of existence.

Over the next couple of months, a smaller selection of these new mobile UX guidelines will be published as free Baymard articles.

Enjoy - the Baymard research team

PS. For those of you who have Baymard Premium research access, all 250+ mobile UX guidelines are already released, with the 9,000+ best-practice examples and 12,300+ performance scores embedded in full.

Authored by Christian Holst on September 1, 2020

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