Toys Sites: New UX Benchmark with 2,600+ Performance Scores and 2,200+ Best Practice Examples

At Baymard we’ve just released a new UX benchmark of Toys sites, thereby expanding our existing Toys & Crafts benchmark with 5 new UX case studies.

This follows from our large-scale user testing research on Toys & Crafts sites and adds to our existing e-commerce UX benchmark.

5 New Toys UX Case Studies

The 5 Toys sites added to our Toys & Crafts benchmark have been manually assessed across 500+ research-based UX parameters relevant to Toys & Crafts sites, resulting in 2,600+ weighted UX performance scores and 2,200+ worst and best practice examples.

For the benchmark, we rated 5 new Toys sites (bringing our total for the Toys & Crafts benchmark to 8 sites):, Gamestop, Hamleys, The Entertainer (, and Fat Brain Toys.

You can explore the 5 new Toys UX case studies using the below links:

Toys UX Performance

Each of the new 5 Toys sites’ 2,600+ UX performance scores, along with the score for the 3 other Toys & Crafts sites in the benchmark, are summarized in the interactive scatterplot below — showing you how they perform collectively and individually:


A publicly available overview of the research and benchmark can be found on our Toys & Crafts research overview page.

Getting access: all 2,600+ UX performance scores, 2,200+ best practice examples, and the UX insights from researching the Toys & Crafts industry are available immediately and in full within Baymard Premium. (If you already have an account open the Toys & Crafts study.)

If you want to know how your Toys or Crafts desktop site, mobile site, or app performs and compares, then learn more about getting Baymard to conduct a Toys & Crafts UX Audit of your site or app.

Authored by Anders Nielsen on October 10, 2023

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