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843 ‘Main Navigation’ Design Examples

Also referred to as: Drop-Down Menu, Mega Drop-Down, Navigation Menu

What’s this? Here you’ll find 843 “Main Navigation” full-page screenshots annotated with research-based UX insights, sourced from Baymard’s UX benchmark of 185 e-commerce sites. (Note: this is less than 1% of the full research catalog.)

Having a user-friendly interface for the main navigation menu is as important as having a solid underlying category taxonomy, as what the user sees and interacts with largely determines if they will be able to navigate the site intuitively or are halted every time they try to browse the site’s categories. Hover-based drop-down menus (aka “mega menus”) are currently used as the main navigation at 88% of all top US e-commerce sites — yet our testing shows that drop-down menus require the utmost attention to interaction details if they are to perform well for users.

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843 ‘Main Navigation’ Page Designs
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