E-Commerce UX Audit

What are the 40 most important changes you can make to your checkout, navigation, search, product pages, and mobile User Experience?

Based on the findings from Baymard Institute’s 54,000+ hours of e-commerce User Experience (UX) research, Baymard will conduct an in-depth UX audit of your e-commerce site.

Baymard’s team of UX researchers will write a detailed 120+ page report outlining 40 prioritized and research-backed user experience improvements for your site, provide best practice implementation examples from leading sites, perform a detailed unbiased UX performance analysis using 500+ parameters, and compare your UX performance to leading e-commerce sites across those parameters.

Learn more about the audit analysis, deliverables, and costs in the 5 sections below:

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“Baymard has been a great resource in helping us improve the customer experience. We are continually applying these best practices to our sites.

What’s Included?

A ‘Full-Site UX audit’ includes:

  • A full UX analysis and assessment of your desktop and mobile websites’ homepage & category navigation, on-site search, product details pages, product lists & filtering, checkout process, and ‘my account’ section — conducted by lead usability researchers at Baymard Institute, utilizing Baymard’s more than 54,000 hours of large-scale UX research.
  • The auditors will write a detailed 120+ page report with 40 research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified user experience issue along with a proposed solution and 1–4 best practice examples from leading e-commerce sites.
  • 7 detailed UX scorecards with a total of 500+ UX performance scoring parameters, used for direct UX performance comparison against competitors among the top 60 grossing US, European, and International e-commerce sites.
  • A 2-hour video conference where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the audit results and suggestions for improvements.
  • 3 follow-up calls with your UX auditor within four months of delivering the audit findings. Useful for feedback on any redesigns you create, a light review of prototypes, follow-up questions from your teams, etc.
  • A full-site UX audit includes 4 months of complimentary access to a Baymard Premium ‘Medium’ plan with full access to Baymard’s 54,000+ hours of UX research findings.

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“Thank you. This was an excellent piece of work: professional, thorough, and actionable for the team. We're very happy with the work Baymard has done for us so far, and I hope we'll have the chance to work together again on future projects.

Audit Focus

You can choose to have one or more elements of your site (or prototype) audited. Most clients combine all of the 7 audit focus areas below into a ‘Full-Site UX audit’:

  1. Homepage & Category Navigation: design and user experience of your homepage, the main navigation, drop-down menus, category pages, custom and sub-category pages, the overall site taxonomy, general site-wide navigation, etc.
  2. Search Experience (on-site search): the type of search queries the search engine supports, what and how your product data is searched, the logic for your autocomplete suggestions, how users are guided in case of partial matches, “No results” pages, the layout and features of the search results page (including faceted search logic), etc.
  3. Product Lists & Filtering: design and usability of your category and search product listing pages, design and logic for all filtering and sorting tools, the list item design and information, product thumbnails, how products are loaded, comparison features, etc.
  4. Product Details Pages: the design and usability of your entire product page implementation, including the overall page layout and structure, product images and videos, the image gallery UI, page features, descriptions and spec sheets, “Add to Cart”, user review layout & submission forms, cross-sell logic & placement, etc.
  5. The Checkout Process: the user experience of your entire checkout flow, including shopping cart, account selection, guest checkout, detailed form field usability, field labels, security concerns, shipping methods, payment methods and fields, wording of error messages, etc.
  6. ‘My Account’: the design and usability of the ‘My Account’ section, such as ‘My Account’ navigation and dashboard, sign-in and password reset flows, updating stored credit card and address info, newsletter frequency and unsubscribe, etc.
  7. Mobile Specific: In addition to auditing all of the above site elements on your mobile website, Baymard will also audit for mobile specific issues, such as how the interface handles users’ lack of page overview, touch interactions and hit areas for the main menu, mobile image zoom, mobile search , mobile touch keyboards, design deviations between mobile and desktop, etc.

See a detailed list of the 500+ site elements included in the audit.

Detailed List of Audited Site Elements

A ‘Full-Site UX audit’ include a full analysis and UX performance scoring across 500+ weighted parameters (a selection are listed below), divided into 7 main audit focus areas:

1) Homepage & Category Audit

The Homepage & Category UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

The homepage structure, design, carousels, personalization and promotions.

Category Taxonomy
The overall e-commerce category structure and taxonomy, incl. the common issue of “over-categorization”, information architecture, catalog breadth, category redundancy, overly deep or shallow categories, and industry-specific naming, etc.

Main Navigation
The main e-commerce navigation design, mega drop-down menus, product navigation and its visual hierarchy, courtesy non-product navigation, etc.

Intermediary Category Pages
How deep in the site hierarchy “Intermediary Category” pages are used (vs. using a product listing page), how the category pages are structured and what content they contain, incl. inspirational paths, featured products, and curated content, etc.

Product Lists
Overall category-based product listings layout, “grid” and “list” views, pagination, items per page, sorting design and filtering features, etc.

Site-Wide Layout
Site-wide layouts, footers, newsletter dialogs, ad positioning, and return policy links, etc.

Cross-Navigation & -Selling
The ability to perform cross-navigation on category and product pages, incl. scope jumping, breadcrumbs, cross- and up-selling, and content sections, etc.

2) On-Site Search Audit

The On-Site Search UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

Query Types
The level of compliance with 12 different overarching types of search queries that users make on e-commerce sites, all vital for your search engine to support (Exact, Product Type, Feature, Thematic, Relational, Compatibility, Symbol, Subjective, Symptom, Implicit, Non-Product, and Natural Language). How and what product data is actually searched.

Search Form & Logic
The design and behavior of the search field itself, query persistence, manual and automatic search scope selection, special characters, etc.

How the autocomplete feature (“predictive search”) should be designed, the types of suggestions it should make, keyboard behavior support, suggesting scopes and products, etc.

Results Logic & Guidance
How to guide users toward better paths on the results page, including suggesting alternate queries, scopes, “No results” pages, misspellings, etc.

Results Layout
The layout and features of the search results page, such as dynamic list layouts, the search results information, search snippets, pagination, etc.

Results Filtering & Sorting
Filtering and sorting of search results, including essential filtering types, faceted search, the design and logic for long lists of filters, filter naming, dynamic sorting, etc.

3) Product Page Audit

The Product Page UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

Product Page Layout
Product page layouts: “Horizontal Tabs”, “Sticky TOCs”, “Collapsed Sections”, “One Long Page”, etc.

Product Images
How users inspect product images, the 7 different image types e-commerce sites need, number of images, etc.

Image Gallery User Interface
Image gallery design, image navigation, methods of zoom, carousels, overlays, default image and size, etc.

Product Video & 360-Views
Product videos and interactive “360-View” features, incl. video content, structure, placement, and video player features.

The “Buy” Section
Design and position of elements such as “Add to Cart” button, prices & discounts, quantity field, “Out of Stock”, etc.

Shipping, Returns, & Gifting
Shipping and return information at the product page, “Free Shipping” tiers, gifting, and “Find in Store” features.

Product Variations
Selecting color and size variations, content across variations, product customizations and personalizations.

Product Description
Product information and descriptions, the type of content needed, text styling, sub-titles, product headlines, etc.

Product Specifications Sheet
Spec sheet layout, specs in tables vs. product descriptions, help features, post-processing of vendor data, etc.

User Reviews
User reviews, the review submission form, review filtering, sorting & navigation, rating distribution summaries, etc.

Auxiliary Content
Q&A, FAQs, product manuals, social media tools, and expert-generated content.

Cross-Sells & Cross-Navigation
Cross-sells design, placement, and logic, cross-navigation elements, “Recently Viewed Products”, etc.

4) Product Lists, Filters, & Sorting Audit

The Product Lists, Filters, & Sorting UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

List Layout
The design and features of the overall layout of the product list, incl. “list” vs. “grid” layouts, product data consistency, post-processing vendor-supplied data, “responsive upscaling” of product lists, etc.

Loading Products
The loading pattern for new items loaded into the product list, number of products displayed by default, etc.

List Items: What Information to Include
The type and amount of product attributes to include in each list item, product variations in list items, user ratings averages in list items, etc.

List Items: User Interface
The styling and display of the included information such a price, product specifications, variations, units, etc.

List Items: Product Thumbnails
The type of product thumbnails in each list item, what they depict, their size, hover-enabled thumbnails, showing packaging, etc.

List Items: Hover & Hit Areas
The list item’s click behavior, hover effect synchronization, “quick view” features, dynamic amount of content on hover, etc.

List Items: Personalization
Context-aware thumbnails, personalized list item and product attributes, highlighting of items, etc.

Filtering: Available Filters
The type, amount, and specificity of filters users need, incl. thematic filters, product-specific filters, compatibility filters, symptom filters, product status filters, gifting filters, user-defined filters, price filters, etc.

Filtering: Scope & Logic
Filtering logic, scope, and naming schemas, such as over-categorization, mutually exclusive filtering values and non-exclusive values (“AND” “OR” logics), filtering tooltips, filter names, filter value consistency, dynamically renaming filters, etc.

Filtering Interface & Layout
Filtering type’s and filtering value’s styling, placement, filter truncation, incl. handling filtering values with 0 matches, filter value checkbox and link styling, the display sequence for filtering values, slider interfaces, etc.

Filtering: Applying & Applied Filters
“Apply” buttons and live updating as filters are applied, the position and styling for applied filtering values, browser history, filter and sorting persistence, etc.

The default sort type, diversity in sorting logic, the sorting interface and scope, alphabetical sorting, category-specific sort types, sorting directions, sorting naming, the scope of the sorting tool, labeling of the sorting interface, dead-end sorting options, logic for customer rating sorting, etc.

Comparison Tool
When to have a comparison feature, the design and placement of the “compare” link, the view and features of the comparison page, product data consistency, inline help options, etc.

5) Checkout Audit

The Checkout UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

Shopping Cart & “Added to Cart” Behavior
Shopping cart design and quantity and save features, but also the page-response when users add products to the cart (drop-down cart, etc.)

Account Selection & Creation
Account selection designs and communication, guest checkout, “Delayed Account Creation”, social media accounts, password rules, etc.

Customer & Address Information
Privacy concerns, shipping addresses, billing addresses, international addresses, phone fields, address auto-detection techniques, etc.

Gifting Flow & Features
How to gift-mark orders, how the checkout should change for gifting, gifting feature design and microcopy, etc.

Shipping & Store Pickup
Shipping interface design and information hierarchy, shipping descriptions, order cut-off times, and “Free Shipping” tiers, along with omni-channel features such as Store Pickup, Store Availability, and Ship to Store

Payment Flow & Methods (incl. 3rd-Party)
The payment methods interface, how to integrate and display 3rd-party payment options, gift card redemption flows, international currencies, coupon codes, etc.

Credit Card Form
The credit card field design and its validation logic and formatting, along with the expiration date, security code, and cardholder name inputs, field sequence, card icons, and card type selection

Order Review
Review step design, “Place Order” button placement, and necessary review data, along with its editing flow

Order Confirmation & E-Mail (to the extent it’s possible to access this)
The information and actions needed on the order confirmation page, along with the order confirmation e-mail

Checkout Page Design
Checkout process steps, “Enclosed Checkout” designs, order summary sidebars, and how to design and position the cart link in the site-wide header

User Attention & Interactions
Load indicators, feedback on user actions, the use of overlays, feedback requests, introduction of site-specific features, and embedded content from 3rd parties

Active vs. passive cross-selling, adapting cross-sells to user context, and pitfalls of specific placements and wording

Form Design & Features
How to design and position the primary button, “Apply” buttons, minimizing form intimidation, multi-column layouts, tabbing flows, CAPTCHAs, back-button and enter-keystroke behavior

Validation Errors & Data Persistence
How to design and position error messages, how to word them, and persisting data in non-secure and secure form fields, along with inline validation

Address Validators
When address validations are necessary, “Force-Proceeding” through address validators, along with address validator design and logic

Field Labels & Microcopy
Marking optional and required fields, field label position, tooltips, and optimizing microcopy and descriptions

Field Design & Features
How to match the type of interface with the input type, drop-downs and radio button implementations, input masks and character restrictions, custom designed input fields, etc.

Default Values & Autocompletion
Intelligent form features, including inferred selections, pre-fills, auto-fills, and personalization of the checkout flow

6) ‘My Account’ Audit

The ‘My Account’ UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

‘My Account’ Sign-In
Account sign in, including password reset and account lockouts, “Soft” sign in, automatic sign out, and where users should be sent after sign in.

‘My Account’ Drop-Down
Placement of the “My Account” drop-down menu, account features to include, how the “My Account” drop-down should be structured and styled, personalization, and what “My Account” drop-down implementations should be avoided.

‘My Account’ Dashboard
Providing paths to all ‘My Account’ features, highlighting recent orders, limiting ads, and using icons; dashboard designs that use a sidebar or ‘Cards’ for navigation.

‘My Account’ Stored Addresses, Cards, and Newsletters
Credit card updating flow, default addresses, editing vs. adding a new address, newsletter frequency and ‘unsubscribe’, confirmations, and ‘Apply’ buttons.

7) Mobile E-commerce Audit

The Mobile E-Commerce UX audit focus area includes a full analysis of the following elements:

Mobile Basics
Content and structure of mobile site vs. desktop site, size and spacing of of hit areas, multiple hit-areas within the same visual element, font-sizes, landscape mode, bugs and quirks vulnerable to the mobile platform, auto-zoom, etc.

Mobile Site Homepage & Main Navigation
Main navigation design and logic, double-hit area issues, homepage structure and design, auto-rotating carousels, etc.

Mobile Search
User’s crossover from category navigation to search, search scopes, misspellings and synonyms, search query support, “0 results” pages, Faceted Search filters, etc.

Mobile Product Lists
List item size, product thumbnail size relative to product type, amount of product attributes in list items, hit areas within the product list, separation of list items, pagination vs. load more vs. endless scrolling, visual indicators, product variations, list item interactions on a touch screen, etc.

Mobile Filtering & Sorting
Styling and position of both “filter” and “Sort” options, sort types, “apply” buttons vs. auto-applying filtering values, the display of applied filters, information scent, product status, filtering interface, etc.

Mobile Cross Navigation & Compatibility
Interlinking of compatibility-dependent products, cross-sells, list item consistency, etc.

Mobile Product Page Layouts
Product page structure, sub–product pages, collapsed product page sections, user reviews, “add to cart” button placement, “Store Pickup”, etc.

Product Images
Product image size, product image zoom levels, image ambiguity, touch gestures in the image gallery, etc.

Mobile Product Descriptions, Specs, & Compatibility
Division of product info between description and spec list, styling of product description, amount and level of specs included, product compatibility information and relationships, etc.

Mobile Shopping Cart
Cost estimates, number and placement of “checkout” buttons, saving mobile carts, picking up mobile carts on desktop devices, etc.

Mobile Checkout Steps
Account creation and guest checkout, shipping and billing addresses, shipping methods, “Store Pickup”, payment, order review, linear checkout flows, mobile process steps, etc.

Mobile Checkout UX
Optional vs. required fields, minimizing number of fields, form field label placement in smartphone portrait and landscape modes, inline labels, floating labels, grouping checkout info for mobile overview, field context, location detection, touch keyboard auto-correct, optimized keyboards, auto-capitalization, etc.

Optional Customizations:

  • “Focused UX audits”: choose only one or some of the 7 above-listed audit focus areas.
  • “Customized audits”: reach out for a custom quote for other areas not listed above, e.g. for travel and booking sites, B2B sites, software & SaaS, telco, grocery, insurance, banking, mobile apps, etc.
  • “Competitive UX audits”: in addition to your site, we’ll also audit any competing e-commerce site(s) you’d like, for a direct competitor UX performance comparison (this is in addition to the comparison to the 60 top grossing US, European, and International e-commerce sites, which is included with all audits).

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“Intelligent, consumer-focused insights that are clear and actionable. The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements (copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…), from the perspective of consumer struggles. Baymard’s Usability research really complements our other existing research tools.

Who Are UX Audits for?

Most commonly, UX audit services are used by:

  • E-commerce sites that would like to benchmark their UX performance to see how they stack up against major competitors and “State of the Art” e-commerce sites, to know where resources are best spent on further UX improvements.
  • Sites that would like inspiration and verification of their new redesign. It can even be before spending resources on the final design and code — auditing prototype designs is cheaper than re-coding.
  • Optimized e-commerce sites that need a pair of external and unbiased eyes to identify the last tweaks and improvements.
  • Agencies, designers, and tech vendors that want reassurance that they’re on the right track with their client’s e-commerce design.

Return on Investment: Even the smallest improvement in conversion rate for any e-commerce site with significant sales will lead to a notable return on investment. For example, an improvement from 3.1% to 3.6% in conversion rate for a site with $50,000,000 annual sales will yield $8,060,000 extra sales every year.

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“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing work on this audit. You should know that this has been very well received internally and there's a lot of excitement around adopting the ideas you have shared.

How Will the Audit Be Delivered? What Will It Cost?

A full-site desktop and mobile UX audit across all 7 audit focus areas costs $9,700 (USD) — this includes a volume discount of $5,200 compared to the rate for 7 individual “focused UX audits”.

A ‘Full-Site UX audit’ includes:

  • A full UX review and analysis by Baymard’s team of UX researchers of both your desktop and mobile websites’ homepage & category nav., search experience, product listings, product details pages, checkout flow, and ‘My Account’.
  • A 120+ page audit report with 40 prioritized suggestions for improvements. Each explain the identified usability issue, the suggested change, and show 1–4 best practice implementation examples from leading e-commerce sites.
  • 7 detailed UX performance scorecards with a total of 500+ review parameters, and with performance comparison against 60 top-grossing US, European, and International e-commerce sites.
  • A 2-hour video conference with you and your team to discuss the audit results.
  • 3 follow-up calls with your UX auditor. Useful for follow-up questions or feedback on your redesigns or prototypes.
  • 4 months of complimentary access to a Baymard Premium ‘Medium’ plan with full access to Baymard’s 54,000+ hours of UX research findings.

Reach out below to discuss your needs or request a UX audit of your site.

Talk to UX auditor Laura about your goals and discuss Baymard’s UX research methodology.
Schedule a call or email audit@baymard.com



15-20 workdays

  • Refund policy: In the event that we’re unable to provide 30 suggestions for improvements we’ll still complete the audit and leave it up to you if you want a refund.
  • All client-specific audits and UX scorecards are strictly confidential; they are not included in Baymard’s public benchmark databases or shared with anyone else.
  • As Baymard does not offer any kind of web design service, programming, or sell e-commerce technology, the UX audit will therefore always be a completely unbiased analysis of your site, and not an indirect “sales pitch” for other services. At Baymard our specialization is the UX auditing.

What Some of Our Clients Say about the UX Audit:

Harley-Davidson Logo

“We found the audits extremely helpful and validated a number of changes we have been wanting to make or are in the process of making, so thank again for all the great insights.

Columbia Sportswear Logo

“This was indeed very helpful guidance and a very well-documented roadmap for us to fix, validate, organize, collectively understand and continually improve our ecommerce foundation.

B&H Photo & Electronics Corp. Logo

“I can confirm that the list was fully implemented. Every time we put up a change we either A/B test or we watch it very closely to determine that it's doing better and not the opposite. So I can confirm that these fixes have improved our checkout. Thanks for everything.

Bell Canada Logo

“Thank you for the UX audit presentation, it was FANTASTIC. People here are quite pleased and amazed by the amount of work that was put into this.

John Lewis Logo

“The Baymard team has been a delight to work with on the JohnLewis digital platform audit for 2020. They responded to the brief very well, have been very accessible for ongoing clarification and queries and Rebecca was excellent in the recent team share, articulately presenting findings in an engaging walk through with the wider team which will really support driving engagement and a robust response. Many thanks for all the effort and focus folks.

T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom AG Logo

“Thank you very much for the 7 usability audits of our country-specific sites. The audits have provided us with specific and actionable advice, allowed us to prioritize development resources , and enabled us to compare UX performance between the 7 different country-specific sites, and against State of the Art implementations. The audit itself is done really professionally and the recommendations contain actionable and insightful information.

Nike Inc. Logo

“Intelligent, consumer-focused insights that are clear and actionable. The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements (copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…), from the perspective of consumer struggles. Baymard’s Usability research really complements our other existing research tools.

Shopify Logo

“We've received some awesome feedback from our Merchant Success team as well as our merchants about all of the UX Audits we've had thus far with Baymard. Thank you so much to you and your team for all of your hard work. The pilot with Baymard has been going fantastic and I'm really excited with all that we're learning! You have an amazing platform, team and super helpful data base for us to work with.

Sears Logo

“Baymard produces some of the most relevant and actionable user experience research available. They really understand the needs of UX and Product Management professionals, and their deep experience in the eCommerce field allows them to offer sophisticated, nuanced insights.

Jarden Consumer Solutions Logo

“Thanks for everything. The audit was extremely useful, I think we have gained valuable insight.

Google Logo

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing work on this audit. You should know that this has been very well received internally and there's a lot of excitement around adopting the ideas you have shared.

Hallmark Cards, Inc. Logo

“The walkthrough today was great. The report was very, very well done and loaded with great opportunities for us to improve our business. I wanted to again express my appreciation for working with us on such a condensed time frame last month. You and your team have been amazing partners to us and we very much appreciate the work, expertise and partnership.

Overstock Inc. Logo

“Thanks again for the great work on our checkout project. Our whole group found it incredibly insightful. We’re applying the suggestions you provided to our new checkout design which launches at the end of the month! One of my colleagues was also interested in your group’s competitive expertise with regard to responsive web and native apps.

Office Depot Logo

“Baymard has been a great resource in helping us improve the customer experience. We are continually applying these best practices to our sites.

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“Thank you. This was an excellent piece of work: professional, thorough, and actionable for the team. We're very happy with the work Baymard has done for us so far, and I hope we'll have the chance to work together again on future projects.

Carnival Cruise Lines Logo

“We like what we are reviewing from the audit - great analysis and feedback.

Hyatt Logo

“I’m an avid user of your reports and recommendations. I have leveraged your articles and findings for my previous B2B work at Grainger, B2C work at Ulta, and now I’m at Hyatt. Thanks

GE Healthcare Logo

“I’m reviewing the report this morning and I am delighted. The recommendations are detailed and our resulting actions are clear. I’m excited to share this with the rest of the team!

Fast Growing Trees Logo

“We implemented this [1 of the 15 audit suggestions] and since then we’ve had a 20% increase in warranties added and a pretty healthy average order increase because of that. That was a great suggestion, it hit our bottom line immediately.

Altitude Sports Logo

“Let me say that it was exceptionally well done, and we are super excited to implement every one of the recommendations there. Everything you said has usually been a case of discussion in the past, but having them recommended in a deck like this will allow us to move forward.

Purch Logo

“Really good rundown on all these thing. I definitely think we got a lot of value out of it, and we’re excited to get it all in and do some A/B testing on this.

RepairClinic.com Logo

“Within a very short time Baymard Institute provided 15 clear, useful improvement suggestions for our checkout process. We intend to implement all of them. It’s easy to find companies that offer website improvement suggestions. But, most companies don’t do their homework and don’t provide specific examples of how best to make the improvements. With Baymard Institute, the checkout process suggestions they made were intuitive, specific, and actionable. I highly recommend their audit service.

John Lewis Logo

“Many thanks for presenting earlier. I have caught up with the teams and they all found your audit report really useful and are on board with the suggestions.

Nutrisystem Logo

“The recommendations in our Checkout Usability Audit were awesome - well prioritized, actionable and helped us focus on what to optimize. This audit, along with the e-Commerce Usability Reports & Benchmark Databases, are my go-to resources for thorough, insightful information. Thank you!

StickerMule.com Logo

“Wow, this is great! Just reviewed it with the team. It's a huge help and we're excited to fix these issues.

n11.com Logo

“We have worked with a number of third party companies before on various projects/audits, and I can certainly say that working with Baymard was not only a pleasure; but you delivered on time; to the level of depth we wanted; addressing important issues; and answering all our questions; and you did all this for a great price. A big THANK YOU on behalf of N11.

prAna Logo

“Wanted to thank you again for the checkout audit and walking us through the process. It was super helpful and we can't wait to apply the changes to our checkout for a better user experience.

Microchip Logo

“A great presentation, and the results were very eye-opening. It's really helpful.

Epicenter Consulting Logo

“Given the tricky science of conversion rate optimization, it is great to know that you are dealing with professionals whose advice is based on solid research. It was a pleasure collaborating with the Baymard team.

SiteOne Landscape Supply Logo

“Baymard recently did a UX audit of our new e-commerce Website. We were very pleased with the results. The report and live review of the findings validated our approach to user experience, and also, we learned a lot about best practices for e-commerce UX. We believe Baymard’s work will help us increase revenue and user satisfaction.

Zenbooth Logo

“I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the time that you've put into this, and for a great presentation. We don't have anyone at the company that has formal UX/UI experience, so being able to tap into Baymard's resources/expertise is an immediate win for us. Some of the things you pointed out, we've already identified as areas for improvement (which was validating), but a lot of the recommendations are things that we hadn't identified and are for the most part immediately actionable.

Anodyne Logo

“I'm very impressed! Not about our site's performance, quite the opposite, but about your work. Very detailed and packed with great and tangible advice. This was exactly what I dreamt about, but sometimes you just have to be careful dreaming.

Avast Logo

“We have recently tested some of your recommendations for the Avast checkout and got some great wins!

Ace Hardware Logo

“A big thanks to you and the Baymard team for such an informative and valuable session. The Ace Hardware team truly appreciated the Baymard teams feedback, diligence and the overall presentation. We are looking forward to using the excellent information provided to improve the acehardware.com user journey.

V-ZUG Logo

“Thanks for this audit and your good work. This was exactly what I was aiming for. Also thanks for the very, very professional presentation, and answering all our countless questions. Very good work.

Ōura Ring Logo

“First off, thank you. This was the most engrossed I’ve ever been in a 2-hour meeting. This [audit presentation] was incredibly insightful and very helpful. Many, many thanks.

Best Secret GmbH Logo

“We are very excited to finally proceed with the UX improvements, and I truly believe your audit report will be super helpful to put us ahead of the wave. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to share my contact.