Checkout Optimization: From 16 Form Fields to 8 Fields (keynote presentation)

In Baymard’s checkout research, we’ve found that on average 26% of users have abandoned purchases during the checkout flow solely because the checkout flow was too long or too complex.

At the same time, our most recent checkout UX benchmark — which was just updated with 7,900+ new manually rated checkout UX performance scores for the world’s 60 largest e-commerce sites — show that the average e-commerce site has 12.8 form fields in their checkout flow.

While 12.8 fields in late-2019 is a 14% improvement compared to the 14.88 form field average we measured in 2016, it’s still too high when considering that sites can achieve a checkout flow with as little as 6-8 form fields (for a “guest checkout” flow incl. the credit card fields).

In the below form design keynote presentation, Baymard’s research director Christian Holst will walk you through a selection of Baymard’s checkout research findings showing you how you can achieve an 8 field long checkout flow:

(Note that while showing the end solution could be a fast 5 min. video, we’ve opted for an in-depth coverage, also showing you select research findings on how users behave in a checkout flow when facing specific types of form fields — so grab a coffee and watch the keynote walkthrough)

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Authored by Christian Holst on June 21, 2019

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