63 Cart & Checkout UX Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on cart and checkout.

The ‘Credit Card Number’ Field Must Allow and Auto-Format Spaces (80% Don’t)

Despite 5% of users abandoning checkouts due to credit card validation errors, 80% websites don't actively aid their users in typing and validating the 16-digit card number by auto-formatting it with spaces

Format the ‘Expiration Date’ Fields Exactly the Same as the Physical Credit Card (90% Get It Wrong)

Only 10% of sites format expiration date fields to match what’s printed on users' credit cards — even though failing to do so results in validation errors and abandonments. See our latest test findings.

6 Ways to Improve the Relevance of Cross-Sells in the Cart (52% of Desktop Sites Don’t Do Enough)

Our large-scale usability testing reveals that product recommendations and offers that appear unrelated to the user’s cart contents erode confidence in the site and its recommendations — even relevant ones.

Checkout Optimization: 5 Ways to Minimize Form Fields in Checkout

Our latest usability research reveals that 26% of users have abandoned an order due to a "too complicated checkout flow" – yet we also find that most sites can reduce the number of form fields by 20-60%.

Payment Method UX: How to Design the Payment Selector

The design of payment method selectors has a big impact on checkout success — and it's vital to provide third-party payment selectors. See our latest research on the UX of Payment Method Selectors

The Current State of Checkout UX - 18 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Our latest benchmark reveals that the average e-commerce site has 31 UX issues in the Checkout process that could lead to users abandoning their checkout. Here are 18 common Checkout UX pitfalls & best practices.

Phone Number UX: Always Explain Why the ‘Phone Field’ Is Required

Up to 14% of users will abandon your checkout flow if 'phone' is simply required. Our large-scale usability testing reveals users just need an explanation of WHY the phone field is required — yet 58% of e-commerce sites don’t.


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