25 Product Page Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on product page designs and features.

Provide Images of Accessory, Apparel, and Cosmetic Products on a Human Model

Always Use Thumbnails to Represent Additional Product Images (76% of Mobile Sites Don’t)

6 Important Aspects of Well-Performing Mobile Product Page Breadcrumbs

Allow Users to Upload Images with Their Review (34% of Sites Don’t)

25% of E-Commerce Sites Don’t Have Product Images with Sufficient Resolution or Level of Zoom

E-Commerce Sites Need to Respond to Some or All Negative User Reviews (87% of Sites Don’t)

UX Research on Product Page Videos: Where and How to Embed Them (35% Get it Wrong)

Product Page UX: Data Should Be Synchronized Across Product Variations (28% Don’t)

PDP UX: Provide an ‘Included Accessories’ Image and Clarify That Optional Accessories Are Extra (44% Don’t)

Product Page UX: Include Descriptive Text or Graphics for Some Product Images (52% Don’t)

PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts (Yet 28% of Sites Have This Layout)

Structuring Product Page Descriptions by ‘Highlights’ Increases User Engagement (Yet 78% of Sites Don’t)

E-Commerce UX: 4 Ways to Make Spec Sheets More Scannable for Users (50% Get It Wrong)

E-Commerce UX: Post-Process Vendor-Supplied Product Data (52% Don’t)

7 Product Page UX Implementations that Make REI Best-in-Class

The Current State of E-Commerce Product Page UX Performance (19 Common Pitfalls)

Product Pages: ‘Free Shipping’ Should Not Only Be in a Site-Wide Banner (32% Get It Wrong)

UX Research: 5 Requirements for the ‘Ratings Distribution Summary’ on the Product Page (65% Get it Wrong)

Allow Users to Purchase Temporarily ‘Out of Stock’ Products by Increasing the Delivery Time (68% Don’t)

Product Page Usability: Provide Both Site-Authored FAQs and Community-Driven Q&As (70% Get it Wrong)

Product Pages Need to Show ‘Estimated Shipping Costs’ (Yet 43% of Sites Don’t)

Truncating Additional Images in the Gallery Causes 50-80% of Users to Overlook Them (30% Get it Wrong)

Product Page UX: All Products Need at Least One ‘In Scale’ Image (28% Get It Wrong)

Product Page Usability: 82% of Sites Have Severe UX Issues (New Research Study)

Product Page Usability: Recommend Both Alternative & Supplementary Products (Only 42% Get it Right)

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