37 Product Page Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on product page designs and features.

DTC E-Commerce: User Reviews Are Much Less Important for DTC Sites

250+ New Examples Added from Large-Scale Testing on European Sites

Baymard Update: 13 New Case Studies and 3 New 2021 Benchmarks (Checkout, Product Page, and On-Site Search UX)

Direct-to-Consumer Research: 5 Effective Ways for DTC Sites to Tell Their ‘Brand’ & ‘Product’ Stories

New Research Study on “Digital Subscriptions” (SaaS) UX

6 List Item Attributes to Include for Cross-Sell Recommendations (68% of Desktop Sites Are Missing One or More)

10% of E-Commerce Sites Have Product Descriptions That Are Insufficient for Users’ Needs

Always Use “Buttons” for Size Selection (28% of Desktop Sites Don’t)

Provide Images of Accessory, Apparel, and Cosmetic Products on a Human Model

Return Users to the Same Place in the Product List When Returning from the Product Page (13% Don’t)

Mobile UX: Avoid Using Subpages within the Product Details Page (26% Don’t)

Always Use Thumbnails to Represent Additional Product Images (76% of Mobile Sites Don’t)

6 Important Aspects of Well-Performing Mobile Product Page Breadcrumbs

Inspirational Images Should Link to All Depicted Products (9% of Sites Don’t)

Allow Users to Upload Images with Their Review (34% of Sites Don’t)

4 Design Patterns That Violate “Back” Button UX Expectations – 59% of Sites Get It Wrong

25% of E-Commerce Sites Don’t Have Product Images with Sufficient Resolution or Level of Zoom

E-Commerce Sites Need to Respond to Some or All Negative User Reviews (87% of Sites Don’t)

UX Research on Product Page Videos: Where and How to Embed Them (35% Get it Wrong)

Product Page UX: Data Should Be Synchronized Across Product Variations (28% Don’t)

PDP UX: Provide an ‘Included Accessories’ Image and Clarify That Optional Accessories Are Extra (44% Don’t)

Product Page UX: Include Descriptive Text or Graphics for Some Product Images (52% Don’t)

PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts (Yet 28% of Sites Have This Layout)

Structuring Product Page Descriptions by ‘Highlights’ Increases User Engagement (Yet 78% of Sites Don’t)

Product Spec Sheets: 4 Ways to Make Spec Sheets More Scannable for Users (50% of Sites Get It Wrong)

E-Commerce UX: Post-Process Vendor-Supplied Product Data (52% Don’t)

7 Product Page UX Implementations that Make REI Best-in-Class

The Current State of E-Commerce Product Page UX Performance (19 Common Pitfalls)

Product Pages: ‘Free Shipping’ Should Not Only Be in a Site-Wide Banner (32% Get It Wrong)

Ratings Design UX Research: 5 Requirements for the ‘Ratings Distribution Summary’ (65% of Sites Get it Wrong)

Allow Users to Purchase Temporarily ‘Out of Stock’ Products by Increasing the Delivery Time (68% Don’t)

Product Page UX: Provide Both Site-Authored FAQs and Community-Driven Q&As (70% Get it Wrong)

Product Pages Need to Show ‘Estimated Shipping Costs’ (Yet 43% of Sites Don’t)

Truncating Additional Images in the Gallery Causes 50-80% of Users to Overlook Them (30% Get it Wrong)

Product Page UX: All Products Need at Least One ‘In Scale’ Image (28% Get It Wrong)

Product Page Usability: 82% of Sites Have Severe UX Issues (New Research Study)

Product Page Usability: Recommend Both Alternative & Supplementary Products (Only 42% Get it Right)

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