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Here at Baymard we write three different categories of UX articles: 1) Research & Guidelines, 2) Case studies, and 3) Opinion & Observations.

We know a lot of you started subscribing to our articles during the year (thanks for that!), so below is a list with 5 of our favorite articles from each of these categories.

For those of you who have been with us all year (thanks for that too!), here is a chance to re-read a few articles.

Best of 2010

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1) Research & Guidelines

2) Case Studies

3) Opinion & Observations

2011: UX Research and a Book

In 2011 we will publish a number of articles based on our own UX research. In addition, we will also be publishing our first UX book/report.

The topic, as some of you may know, is usability in the e-commerce checkout process and the report is based on 63 key findings from a large qualitative usability research study we conducted with a group of real shoppers testing 15 different e-commerce sites. We will of course also publish some of these research findings in free articles here on

Thanks to all of you who read, tweet, and comment on our articles. Have a splendid 2011!

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Authored by Baymard Institute on December 28, 2010

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