Vitamin World’s E-Commerce UX

This is a case study of Vitamin World’s e-commerce user experience (UX) performance. It’s based on an exhaustive performance review of 566 design elements. 213 other sites have also been benchmarked for a complete picture of the e-commerce UX landscape.

Vitamin World’s overall e-commerce UX performance is mediocre. Their UX is in large part dimished by poor On-Site Search and mediocre Cart & Checkout.

First benchmarked in July 8, 2021, and reviewed 3 times since then, most recently December 23, 2022.

Performance: 30.3Mediocre


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Overall UX Performance

866 Guidelines · Performance:

Desktop Web

482 Guidelines · Performance:

Homepage & Category

54 Guidelines · Performance:

On-Site Search

47 Guidelines · Performance:

Product Lists & Filtering

90 Guidelines · Performance:

Product Page

96 Guidelines · Performance:

Cart & Checkout

130 Guidelines · Performance:

Customer Accounts

38 Guidelines · Performance:

Order Tracking & Returns

27 Guidelines · Performance:

Mobile Web

384 Guidelines · Performance:

To learn how we calculate our performance scores and read up on our evaluation criteria and scoring algorithm head over to our Methodology page.

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