UX Basics, Definitions, and Fundamentals

Baymard conducts original large-scale research studies on all aspects of the online user experience — from “on-site search” to “complete product page usability.”

We understand not everyone is well versed in e-commerce user experience and design, so we're creating a library of UX Basics & Definitions to enable anyone to understand UX fundamentals, and you will find these articles below.

UX Fundamentals

What You'll Learn

Learn the basics of UX all in one place, including understanding the differences between UX and UI, determining an effective UX design process, UX best practices, and more.

UX Research and Audits

What You'll Learn

Learn the foundations of UX research, the Baymard UX research methodology, how to conduct a UX audit, and more.

E-Commerce User Experience

What You'll Learn

Learn data-driven e-commerce conversion optimization methods, including homepage and product page best practices, checkout and cart optimizations, as well as UX design examples, and more.

UI Elements and Website Usability

What You'll Learn

Learn how to design your user interface for conversion-focused usability. We'll walk you through the best practices of form design, button design, creating effective input fields, and much more.
  • 8 Recommendations for Creating Effective Input Fields: Input fields are essential elements of check-out forms and pages as they allow users to submit information into your system. Mastering the user experience will help your visitors complete forms with more confidence and fewer errors, resulting in more successful transactions.
  • Button Design: Best Practices for Optimal UI Buttons: The buttons on your website can often be overlooked. Yet, no user can complete a transaction without clicking on at least one. Optimizing the text, color, size, and position of your buttons can have a substantial impact on the user experience and conversion rate of your website.
  • Form Design: 6 Best Practices for Better E-Commerce UI: Forms are the critical interface through which buyers complete purchases on your website. If your forms are confusing or intimidating, users might abandon their cart and go elsewhere. Ensuring your forms are simple and easy to use is key to reducing card abandonment and improving conversion rates.
  • Website Usability Best Practices (Backed By Research): Here are some of the best practices to avoid common website usability issues and ensure a positive user experience, all sourced from our large-scale UX research.
  • What Is Usability Testing?: Usability testing combines different methods of observing users' behavior and reactions when browsing your site and performing activities. This process indentifies weaknesses that limit you website's performance, ultimately reducing your conversion rate and sales.

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