Tesco’s E-Commerce UX

This is a case study of Tesco’s e-commerce user experience (UX) performance. It’s based on an exhaustive performance review of 635 design elements. 243 other sites have also been benchmarked for a complete picture of the e-commerce UX landscape.

Tesco’s overall e-commerce UX performance is poor. Some of Tesco’s biggest UX issues are caused by poor Mobile Web and Desktop Web performances.

First benchmarked in September 2016, and reviewed 17 times since then, most recently in March 2024.


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Overall UX Performance

635 Guidelines · Performance:

Desktop Web

318 Guidelines · Performance:

Mobile Web

317 Guidelines · Performance:

138 Major E-Commerce Sites
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To learn how we calculate our performance scores and read up on our evaluation criteria and scoring algorithm head over to our Methodology page.

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