Baymard Update: New 2021 Industry UX Benchmarks for Luxury, Telco, and Grocery

At Baymard, we’ve just released another expansion to our UX benchmark featuring 3 new industries:

These new sites were all manually UX performance rated across 350–400+ different UX parameters, based on Baymard’s 71,000+ hours of UX research and testing.

7 New Luxury Goods Sites

Joining Baymard’s existing UX benchmark, we are adding UX performance rankings for 7 new Luxury Goods sites — featuring case studies of Bang & Olufsen, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, TAG Heuer, and Van Cleef & Arpels — manually assessed across 360+ research-based UX parameters relevant for luxury sites, resulting in 2,500+ weighted UX performance scores and 1,800+ best-practice examples from leading luxury goods sites.

Get an overview of our UX research relevant for sites in the Luxury Goods industry and see how the above 7 sites perform.

5 New Telco Sites

We’re also adding UX benchmarking for 5 new Telco sites — featuring case studies of Bell, Orange, Verizon, Vodafone UK, and Xfinity — manually assessed across 400+ UX parameters relevant for telco sites, expanding our benchmark with 2,400+ weighted UX performance scores and 1,625+ best-practice examples from telco sites.

Get an overview of our UX research relevant to Telco sites and see how the 5 telco sites perform.

5 New Online Grocery Sites

Rounding out Baymard’s newly added benchmark data, we are adding ratings for 5 new Online Grocery sites — featuring case studies of Albertsons, Peapod, FreshDirect, Ocado, and Sainsbury’s — manually assessed across 380+ UX parameters, expanding our benchmark with 1,930 weighted UX performance scores and 1,550+ best-practice examples from online grocery sites.

See the UX performance scores for the 5 sites and get an overview of our UX research relevant to Online Grocery sites.

A large part of these benchmarks are available for public browsing and over the coming months we will release a handful of articles with some insight highlights. All 6,000+ UX performance scores, 4,500+ best-practice examples, and the UX insights from these 3 new industries are available immediately and in full within Baymard Premium.

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Authored by Alex Krzyminski

Published on May 18, 2021

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