22 On-Site Search UX Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on e-commerce on-site search and auto-complete functionality.

Our large-scale Mobile UX study reveals that the absence of an explicit submit button adjacent to the search field causes significant friction for users. Read the latest test findings on mobile search.


On 69% of sites users are at risk of severely misunderstanding the product catalog because of poor support for misspellings in autocomplete. See our latest test findings on e-commerce search.


Search autocomplete features are provided at 80% of e-commerce sites, yet only 19% achieve the highest performance. See our latest large-scale test findings for on-site search.


The backbone of a good search experience is handling the queries that a user throws at it. See our latest test findings and if your site is able to handle the 8 most common search query types.


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