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Self-Service UX: Distinguish Primary from Secondary Paths in the ‘My Account’ Drop-Down (71% Don’t)

Drop-Down Usability: When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Them

Format the ‘Expiration Date’ Fields Exactly the Same as the Physical Credit Card (90% Get It Wrong)

PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts (Yet 28% of Sites Have This Layout)

E-Commerce Checkouts Need to Mark Both Required and Optional Fields Explicitly (Only 24% Do So)

Form Field Usability: Avoid Multi-Column Layouts (13% Get It Wrong)

Form Usability: Getting ‘Address Line 2’ Right

Self-Service UX: ‘Cards’ Dashboards Must Be Highly Consistent and Appropriately Styled

Structuring Product Page Descriptions by ‘Highlights’ Increases User Engagement (Yet 78% of Sites Don’t)

E-Commerce UX: Allow Users to Combine Multiple Filtering Values of the Same Type — an ‘OR’ logic (32% of Sites Don’t)

Offer ‘Delayed Account Creation’ at the Confirmation Step (38% Don’t)

Form Field Usability: Consider Using Localized Input Masks for ‘Phone’ and Other Restricted Inputs (64% Don’t)

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Truncating Additional Images in the Gallery Causes 50-80% of Users to Overlook Them (30% Get it Wrong)

Product Page UX: All Products Need at Least One ‘In Scale’ Image (28% Get It Wrong)

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3 Strategies for Handling Accidental ‘Taps’ on Touch Devices

43% of Sites Have Severe ‘Flickering’ Issues for Their Main Drop-Down Menu

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The Average Checkout Flow Has 14.88 Form Fields – Twice as Many as Necessary

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Users Continue to Double-Click Online

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Mobile Form Usability: Place Labels Above the Field

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