14 Accounts & Self Service UX Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on e-commerce account and self-service features and design.

Our research reveals that 24% of users get a new credit card at least every year, yet a massive 84% of e-commerce sites don’t allow users to “edit” their stored card. See our test findings on this severe misalignment and why you need a “fake” edit flow.


Our research show that while 'Order Returns' experiences are very important to customer retention, 54% have severe usability issues in their returns UI. Learn more about 5 commonly ‘Missed Opportunities’ for online return experiences and interfaces


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We have a whole research topic dedicated to Accounts & Self Service research where you can see performance scores, design inspiration examples and research reports about Accounts & Self Service design.Learn more about Accounts & Self Service research

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