40 Homepage & Category UX Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on homepage, category and navigation design.

The Current State of Homepage UX – 8 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Our latest Homepage UX benchmark reveals that even given the generally decent performance of e-commerce sites, there’s still room for improvements. Here are 8 common Homepage UX pitfalls & best practices.

9 UX Requirements for a User-Friendly Homepage Carousel Design (If You Need One)

Homepage carousels are now only used by 28% of e-commerce sites. Our testing shows that a carousel can perform OK with users, but most carousels don’t. We’ve also found a vastly simpler alternative that performs as well.

E-Commerce Navigation UX - 13 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Our latest "E-Commerce Navigation" UX benchmark reveals 13 common navigation UX pitfalls - each illustrated with best practices for our large-scale usability testing.


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