41 Product Page UX Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on product page designs and features.

Our latest Product Page UX research reveal that 32% of sites display their “Free Shipping” offer using methods that are very prone to users overlooking it — see our full test findings.


Product images are key in users’ decision-making. Why, then, are product page image thumbnails — ubiquitous on desktop — so rare on mobile? See our latest usability test findings on image gallery thumbnails:


Mobile users rely on breadcrumbs to understand where they are and navigate the site hierarchy — yet 36% of e-commerce sites don’t provide full category paths, while others make it difficult to find breadcrumbs.


Detailed product descriptions are crucial for users’ deciding whether to purchase a product — yet 10% of sites provide inadequate descriptions, leading users to abandon. See our latest test findings on product page descriptions.


Our product page usability research reveals that users rely more on the ratings distribution summaries than the individual reviews themselves, yet 43% of sites don't have a distribution summary, and, of those sites that do, 39% aren't clickable.


Individual "buttons" are a common design for selecting sizes, but are they really better than drop-down menus? See our latest usability test findings on product page size selectors.


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