20 E-Commerce Search Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on e-commerce on-site search and auto-complete functionality.

250+ New Examples Added from Large-Scale Testing on European Sites

Baymard Update: 13 New Case Studies and 3 New 2021 Benchmarks (Checkout, Product Page, and On-Site Search UX)

DTC UX: Niche Direct-To-Consumer Sites Rarely Need On-Site Search (Should Invest Elsewhere)

Offer Relevant Autocomplete Suggestions for Closely Misspelled Search Terms and Queries (69% Don’t)

Direct-to-Consumer Research: 5 Effective Ways for DTC Sites to Tell Their ‘Brand’ & ‘Product’ Stories

Always Provide a Submit Button Adjacent to the Search Field on Mobile (21% Don’t)

Mobile UX Trends: The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices)

Always Persist Users’ Search Queries (37% Don’t)

Deconstructing E-Commerce Search: The 8 Most Common Query Types

Search UX: Autodirect or Guide Users to Matching Category Scopes (46% Get It Wrong)

13 Design Patterns for Autocomplete Suggestions (27% Get it Wrong)

E-Commerce Search Needs to Support Users’ Non-Product Search Queries (15% Don’t)

Search UX: 6 Essential Elements for ‘No Results’ Pages

Product Thumbnails Should Dynamically Update to Match the Variation Searched For (54% Don’t)

Faceted Sorting - A New Method for Sorting Search Results

External Article: The Current State of E-Commerce Search

E-Commerce Sites Need Multiple of These 5 ‘Search Scope’ Features

E-Commerce Search Field Design and Its Implications

E-Commerce Sites Should Include Contextual Search Snippets (96% Get it Wrong)

E-Commerce Search Usability: Report & Benchmark

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