25 Homepage & Category Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on homepage, category and navigation design.

Highlight the User’s Current Scope in the Main Navigation (66% of Sites Don’t)

Footer Links Should be Divided into Distinct Semantic Sections (13% of Sites Don’t)

9 UX Requirements for Designing a User-Friendly Homepage Carousel (If You Need One)

Have Direct Links to ‘Return Policy’ and ‘Shipping Info’ in the Footer (20% don’t)

E-Commerce Usability: The Main Navigation Should Display Product Categories (18% Don’t)

43% of Sites Have Severe ‘Flickering’ Issues for Their Main Drop-Down Menu

7 Navigational Implementations that Make Kohl’s Best-in-Class

The Current State of Homepage & Category UX (Performance Is Up 39% Since 2013)

Over-Categorization: Avoid Implementing Product Types as Categories (54% Get it Wrong)

Responsive Upscaling: 11 Ideas for Large-Screen E-Commerce Design

6 Guidelines for Truncation Design

Avoid Inline Scroll Areas (26% Get it Wrong)

4 Design Patterns That Violate Back-Button Expectations

Avoid These 5 Types of E-Commerce Graphics

Sub-Sub-Category Links: a Vital Feature in E-Commerce Navigation (52% Get it Wrong)

Homepage Usability: Can Users Infer the Breadth of Your Product Catalog?

Featured Products Should Also Link to Their Categories (43% Get it Wrong)

Inspirational Images Should Link to All Depicted Products

E-Commerce Sites Need 2 Types of Breadcrumbs (68% Get it Wrong)

Implement the First 1-2 Levels of the E-Commerce Hierarchy as Intermediary Category Pages

External Article: 7 Guidelines For Better Navigation And Categories

E-Commerce Navigation: Show Sibling Categories for Easy Scope Adjustment (47% Get it Wrong)

Homepage & Category Usability: Exploring the Customer’s Product Finding Experience

Home Page Strategy: Category vs. Product

E-Commerce Home Page Focus

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