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These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on homepage, category and navigation design.

250+ New Examples Added from Large-Scale Testing on European Sites

E-Commerce Navigation UX - 13 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Always Provide the Full Scope for Links on Mobile Homepages (58% Don’t)

The Current State of Homepage UX – 8 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Direct-to-Consumer Research: 5 Effective Ways for DTC Sites to Tell Their ‘Brand’ & ‘Product’ Stories

New Research Study on “Digital Subscriptions” (SaaS) UX

Mobile UX Trends: The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices)

6 Important Aspects of Well-Performing Mobile Product Page Breadcrumbs

Inspirational Images Should Link to All Depicted Products (9% of Sites Don’t)

4 Design Patterns That Violate “Back” Button UX Expectations – 59% of Sites Get It Wrong

Highlight the User’s Current Scope in the Main Navigation (66% of Sites Don’t)

Footer Links Should be Divided into Distinct Semantic Sections (13% of Sites Don’t Use These Footer Best Practices)

9 UX Requirements for a User-Friendly Homepage Carousel Design (If You Need One)

Have Direct Links to ‘Return Policy’ and ‘Shipping Info’ in the Footer (20% don’t)

E-Commerce Usability: The Main Navigation Should Display Product Categories (18% Don’t)

43% of Sites Have Severe ‘Flickering’ Issues for Their Main Drop-Down Menu

7 Navigational Implementations that Make Kohl’s Best-in-Class

The Current State of Homepage & Category UX (Performance Is Up 39% Since 2013)

Over-Categorization: Avoid Implementing Product Types as Categories (54% Get It Wrong)

Responsive Upscaling: 11 Ideas for Large-Screen E-Commerce Design

6 Guidelines for Truncation Design

Avoid Inline Scroll Areas (26% Get it Wrong)

Avoid These 5 Types of E-Commerce Graphics

Sub-Sub-Category Links: a Vital Feature in E-Commerce Navigation (52% Get it Wrong)

Homepage Usability: Can Users Infer the Breadth of Your Product Catalog?

Featured Products Should Also Link to Their Categories (43% Get it Wrong)

Inspirational Images Should Link to All Depicted Products

E-Commerce Sites Need 2 Types of Breadcrumbs (68% Get it Wrong)

E-Commerce Product Taxonomy Best Practices

External Article: 7 Guidelines For Better Navigation And Categories

E-Commerce Navigation: Show Sibling Categories for Easy Scope Adjustment (47% Get it Wrong)

Homepage & Category Usability: Exploring the Customer’s Product Finding Experience

Home Page Strategy: Category vs. Product

E-Commerce Home Page Focus

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