59 E-Commerce Checkout Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on e-commerce checkout processes and abandonment rates.

Checkout Optimization: 5 Ways to Minimize Form Fields in Checkout

Baymard Update: 13 New Case Studies and 3 New 2021 Benchmarks (Checkout, Product Page, and On-Site Search UX)

The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

6 Ways to Improve the Relevance of Cross-Sells in the Cart (52% of Desktop Sites Don’t Do Enough)

5 Ways to Provide a Superior Gifting UI and Flow

4 Design Patterns That Violate “Back” Button Expectations – 59% of Sites Get It Wrong

5 ‘Credit Card Form’ Implementations That Make ‘L.L. Bean’ Best-in-Class

The Current State of Checkout UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

Always Explain Why the ‘Phone’ Field Is Required (58% of Sites Don’t)

5 ‘Order Review’ Implementations That Make Office Depot Best-in-Class

Checkout Optimization: From 16 Form Fields to 8 Fields (keynote presentation)

Drop-Down Usability: When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Them

Format the ‘Expiration Date’ Fields Exactly the Same as the Physical Credit Card (90% Get It Wrong)

E-Commerce Checkouts Need to Mark Both Required and Optional Fields Explicitly (Only 24% Do So)

Form Field Usability: Avoid Multi-Column Layouts (13% Get It Wrong)

Form Usability: Getting ‘Address Line 2’ Right

Offer ‘Delayed Account Creation’ at the Confirmation Step (38% Don’t)

CAPTCHAs Have an 8% Failure Rate, and 29% if Case Sensitive

Remove Select Features When There’s Only One Option Left (14% Don’t)

Form Field Usability: Consider Using Localized Input Masks for ‘Phone’ and Other Restricted Inputs (64% Don’t)

5 Common Usability Pitfalls of Custom Designed Drop-Downs (31% Have Issues)

Shopping Cart: Auto-Update User’s Quantity Changes and Allow ‘Quantity 0’ (86% Don’t)

Use ‘Delivery Date’ Not ‘Shipping Speed’ – From UX Research to Implementation Roadmap

The ‘Credit Card Number’ Field Must Allow and Auto-Format Spaces (80% Don’t)

Checkout Usability: Auto-Detect ‘City’ and ‘State’ Inputs Based on the User’s Postal Code (60% of Sites Don’t)

Usability Testing Accordion-Style Checkouts: 2 UX Pitfalls that 75% of Sites Neglect

For Returning Users, Overly Strict Password Requirements Can Lead to an 18% Abandonment Rate

How Users Perceive Security During the Checkout Flow (Incl. New ‘Trust Seal’ Study 2021)

Usability Testing of Inline Form Validation: 40% Don’t Have It, 20% Get It Wrong

Reasons for Cart Abandonment – Why 68% of Users Abandon Their Cart (2021 data)

Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages

Form Usability: The Pitfalls of Inline Accordion and Tab Designs

Fixing Bugs – the Next ‘Big Thing’ in E-Commerce?

Form Usability: Validations vs Warnings

Checkout Design: Payment Method Selection

Users Overlook ‘Store Pickup’ When Not Presented as a Shipping Option

How to Recoup 30% of “Card Declined” Abandonments

Users Continue to Double-Click Online

Which Site Seal do People Trust the Most? (2013/2016 Survey Results)

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Order Confirmation Page

A Holistic View on the Current State of Checkout Usability

Add Descriptions To Checkout Form Labels (92% Get It Wrong)

Why Your Checkout Process Should Be Completely Linear

Accordion Style Checkouts – The Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?

Visually Reinforce Your Credit Card Fields (89% Get it Wrong)

Checkout Experience: Don’t Require Seemingly Unnecessary Information (61% Get it Wrong)

Checkout Usability: Don’t Use “Apply” Buttons (72% Get it Wrong)

A Consistent Shopping Experience With Product Thumbnails

Idea: Error-Fields Only

Checkout Usability: Apply Changes Immediately and Near the Input

Observation: Users Will Go Far to Avoid Repeat Form Errors

E-Commerce Copywriting: Returning Customer?

Account ‘Sign Up’: Ask to Confirm E-mail, Not Password

One Page Checkouts – the Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?

How to Preserve Credit Card Details on Form Errors

E-Commerce: Why Customers Abandon Their Shopping Cart

User Expectations: Create an Illusion of Space

Form Field Usability: Matching User Expectations

People Think Registration Leads to “Spam”

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