23 ‘Marketplace’ Sites Ranked by User Experience Performance

Use the interactive UX benchmark chart below to see the ranked UX performance of 23 leading e-commerce sites within ‘Marketplace’ in the US and Europe. Each of the 23 Marketplace sites has been manually rated across 1228 different e-commerce UX elements, all based on Baymard’s 130,000 hours of UX research.

This is a sub-set of the full benchmark which includes 244 e-commerce sites.

Case Studies

Click the colored dots to view in-depth case studies for each benchmarked site, or scroll down to see all case studies. You can also view the case study examples organized by type of page.

Benchmark UX Performances

Overall UX Performance

1228 Guidelines

Desktop Web

457 Guidelines

Homepage & Category

31 Guidelines

On-Site Search

45 Guidelines

Product Lists & Filtering

75 Guidelines

Product Page

103 Guidelines

Cart & Checkout

123 Guidelines

Customer Accounts

38 Guidelines

Site-Wide Features

15 Guidelines

Order Tracking & Returns

27 Guidelines

Mobile Web

422 Guidelines

Mobile App

349 Guidelines

23 ‘Marketplace’ Sites
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‘Marketplace’ Case Studies

Deep dive into the performance and page designs of the 23 case studies.

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