66 M-Commerce Articles

These articles are based on observations and test findings from our usability research on the entire mobile e-commerce experience.

Online Grocery UX: 5 High-Level UX Takeaways from 1,100 Hours of Testing Leading Grocery Websites

Payment Method UX: How to Design the Payment Selector

The Current State of Checkout UX - 18 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Checkout Optimization: 5 Ways to Minimize Form Fields in Checkout

Combine Variations of Products into One List Item (12% Don’t)

Offer Relevant Autocomplete Suggestions for Closely Misspelled Search Terms and Queries (69% Don’t)

E-Commerce Navigation UX - 13 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

Always Provide the Full Scope for Links on Mobile Homepages (58% Don’t)

17 Common UX Pitfalls Telco Websites Suffer From

12 Common UX Pitfalls ‘Online Grocery’ E-Commerce Sites Suffer From

The Current State of Homepage UX – 8 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

New UX Research Study on Native Mobile Apps (incl. app usage rates)

Always Provide a Submit Button Adjacent to the Search Field on Mobile (21% Don’t)

Always Sort Product Lists by Diversity-Based “Relevance” (24% Don’t)

Allow Sorting by “Price”, “User Rating”, “Best-Selling”, and “Newest” (64% Don’t Allow All 4)

Mobile UX Trends: The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls & Best Practices)

6 List Item Attributes to Include for Cross-Sell Recommendations (68% of Desktop Sites Are Missing One or More)

10% of E-Commerce Sites Have Product Descriptions That Are Insufficient for Users’ Needs

Always Persist Users’ Search Queries (37% Don’t)

Always Use “Buttons” for Size Selection (28% of Desktop Sites Don’t)

Understanding Mobile E-Commerce UX: 5 Overarching Issues

5 Ways to Provide a Superior Gifting UI and Flow

Provide Images of Accessory, Apparel, and Cosmetic Products on a Human Model

Return Users to the Same Place in the Product List When Returning from the Product Page (13% Don’t)

Mobile UX: Avoid Using Subpages within the Product Details Page (26% Don’t)

Always Use Thumbnails to Represent Additional Product Images (76% of Mobile Sites Don’t)

Display “Applied Filters” in an Overview (32% Aren’t Using the Best UX Practices for Filtering)

6 Important Aspects of Well-Performing Mobile Product Page Breadcrumbs

Inspirational Images Should Link to All Depicted Products (9% of Sites Don’t)

Baymard Update: 117 New ‘Mobile UX’ Guidelines and 9,000+ Mobile Examples Uncovered During 2020

5 Essential Filter Types Users Need on Product Listing Pages (57% Don’t Offer All 5)

Allow Users to Upload Images with Their Review (34% of Sites Don’t)

4 Design Patterns That Violate “Back” Button UX Expectations – 59% of Sites Get It Wrong

5 ‘Credit Card Form’ Implementations That Make ‘L.L. Bean’ Best-in-Class

3 Pitfalls to Avoid if Implementing “Quick Views”

Highlight the User’s Current Scope in the Main Navigation (66% of Sites Don’t)

25% of E-Commerce Sites Don’t Have Product Images with Sufficient Resolution or Level of Zoom

Deconstructing E-Commerce Search: The 8 Most Common Query Types

Search UX: Autodirect or Guide Users to Matching Category Scopes (46% Get It Wrong)

Product List UX: The Number of Products to Load by Default (52% Get it Wrong)

When & How to Implement Interactive Swatches on Mobile Product Listing Pages

13 Design Patterns for Autocomplete Suggestions (27% Get it Wrong)

Footer Links Should be Divided into Distinct Semantic Sections (13% of Sites Don’t Use These Footer Best Practices)

These Three (Popular) Approaches to Implementing ‘Live Chat’ are Often Highly Disruptive for Users

Filter List Design: Have Filters for All Displayed List Item Info (38% Don’t)

Mobile E-Commerce UX: Deemphasize ‘Install App’ Ads or Avoid Them Entirely

Mobile Web: Scale Product Images Proportionally in Mobile Landscape Mode (52% of Sites Don’t)

3 Strategies for Handling Accidental ‘Taps’ on Touch Devices

UX Research: 7 Reasons B&H Photo’s Mobile Site is Best-in-Class

42% of Mobile Homepages Risk Setting Wrong Expectations for Their Users

Mobile Usability: Allow Users to ‘Search Within’ Their Current Category (94% Don’t)

Mobile Gestures: 40% of Sites Don’t Support Pinch or Tap Gestures for Product Images

‘Touch Keyboard’ Implementations Have Improved Just 9% Since 2013 (60% Still Get it Wrong)

The State of Mobile Checkout & Form Usability

The State of Mobile E-Commerce Search and Category Navigation

6 Mobile Checkout Usability Considerations

Mobile Commerce Spending Patterns (2013 Survey Results)

Mobile Form Usability: Never Use Inline Labels

Mobile Product Lists Need Very Distinct Hit Areas

How Should Your Mobile and Desktop Sites Differ?

Drop-Down Mobile UX: Never Use Native Drop-Downs for Navigation

Mobile Product Pages: Always Offer a List of Compatible Products

Field Label UX: Place Labels Above the Field

M-Commerce Usability: Exploring the Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile Form Usability: Avoid Splitting Single Input Entities

8 Limitations When Designing For Mobile

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